Therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys and girls, with top academics and therapy. See our campus and the leaders who cheer for our therapeutic school. A leader among therapeutic boarding schools.
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Shelterwood is One of the Top Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the Nation, and Faith-Based

Exceptional Therapy

Is your teenager struggling? Are you looking for a top quality residential school with exceptional therapy. . . a safe place for your boy or girl to learn about themselves and develop a better path for their future? We invite you to learn more about Shelterwood.

Shelterwood is a licensed therapeutic boarding school. We believe that every interaction with teenagers in our care is a therapeutic opportunity to help them change their behaviors and motivations from the inside out. Shelterwood provides individual, group, and family counseling for at-risk youth. Unlike traditional boarding schools, we are uniquely equipped to help struggling adolescents who are spiraling out of control and showing signs of:

Exceptional Academics

advanced-edShelterwood is also a fully-equipped boarding school, designed to provide excellence in academics right along with life-changing therapy. Our program for teens is a year-long journey which fosters dynamic academic growth through small class sizes, one-to-one mentoring, small group discussions, and qualified teachers. Unlike many therapeutic boarding schools, we educate our students right on campus in normal classrooms with certified teachers.

An Excellent Choice, with Surprisingly Low Tuition

Shelterwood is a fully accredited, treatment-oriented boarding school for troubled teens designed to help boys and girls who are failing in school, at home, or within the community. Our tuition is far lower than the national average for therapeutic boarding schools because we are partially supported by donations.  We offer a structured environment,school accreditation where the teens receive expert guidance and therapy, while also pursuing their high school diploma and developing healthy peer and family relationships. We strive to treat the whole child and the whole family therapeutically, educationally and spiritually.

Our therapeutic boarding school is ideally suited to ensure teenagers receive an first-class accredited education while they taught to pursue positive goals and important familial bonds. From our science and computer labs to our gymnasium, swimming pool and dorm lounges, our students have an opportunity to explore and expand their various talents and their spiritual life in a nurturing environment. Research has proven that youth who attend Shelterwood improve significantly in terms of behavior, family relations, social values, and school grades. Our caring, attentive, multifaceted approach has a lasting impact that goes well beyond what traditional boarding schools can provide.

Dr. John Trent says…

When I am asked by a family who is in the middle of a crisis with a teen,”Is there a place they can go for real help and hope?” – I give them Shelterwood’s number.

–John Trent, Ph.D. President, The Center for Strong Families, Bestselling Author, Speaker

Shelterwood was founded in 1980 when it became clear that parents wanted a program that recognized and built on their spiritual values and beliefs. Our school has grown in leaps and bounds through the years, as we have remained committed to the relationship model of care and professional therapy for troubled and hurting teens.

We invite you to inquire now to learn for yourself what sets Shelterwood apart from other therapeutic boarding schools. To find out more, contact us by phone or by filling in the online form. We are here to help teens and their families realize a stronger, healthier and brighter future.

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