Shelterwood is a Christian multi-faceted therapeutic boarding school equipped to provide troubled teens and their families support, guidance and therapy. A leader among boarding schools.

Multi-Faceted Therapeutic Boarding School

IMG_3204Shelterwood is equipped to provide troubled teens and families the counseling, structure and guidance they need to mend their lives. We’re designed to stop the downward spiral of behavior and to ensure a teen is put back on the right path; providing the structure needed to foster a successful and positive transformation.

Our multifaceted atmosphere wraps teens in love when they are at their worst. We surround students with people who love Jesus and want to have a positive impact on the lives of others. An excellent Christian school like Shelterwood that also has the added leverage of being therapeutic can provide the keen insight necessary to help troubled teens traverse the obstacles that stand in their way.

In addition to our counselors, school and residential staff, thirty full-time mentors serve on-site throughout the year. These “big brothers/sisters” surround the kids with support and love, even when they are at their worst.

Our multi-faceted approach brings hope and help to the whole teen and his or her family. Our teachers, counselors, mentors, and house staff work together to provide a unified treatment approach that includes:

Sports & ActivitiesWe have a sincere desire to see real internal heart change through deep meaningful relationships with the teens. We are committed to helping the teens in our care work towards their goals, helping them take advantage of every opportunity as they resolve the problems that they are facing in life. Most of the troubled teens that we work with remain in contact with our staff for years after the program is complete. We are regularly invited to attend weddings, graduations, and births as we stand alongside our students as they walk through life.

To learn more about what sets Shelterwood apart from other therapeutic boarding schools, treatment centers, military schools, boot camps, wilderness programs or even Christian boarding schools we invite you to explore our website. You are also encouraged to contact us directly to discuss the Shelterwood difference or inquire online. For more than thirty years we have been serving families just like yours, helping dreams for better lives become reality.

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