The Brain Balance Difference

Shelterwood students receive the best in innovative therapies as they journey towards restoration. Among our many treatments, students have access to the life-transforming Brain Balance program, located right here on our campus. This holistic approach to increasing brain function helps students reach new heights. “We like to use an iceberg as a visual for the  Read More >

Communication strategies for parents and teens

Recently, Shelterwood Program Director Rujon Morrison and Brain Balance Program Director Amanda Gunter joined forces to share communication strategies with parents. Their presentation “New Connections: Empowering Communication” walks through many facets of how parents and teens connect with each other. During their conversation, Rujon and Amanda explore: Various methods of communication, from loved-based vs. fear-based  Read More >

How parents stay involved at Shelterwood

At Shelterwood, we know that the decision to place a teen in a therapeutic boarding school is a difficult and life-defining one . . . but it is a decision that is caring and courageous. Ultimately, our goal is family restoration, and parent involvement is critical every step of the way. During a teen’s time  Read More >

Introducing the Shelterwood Parent Portal

Everything we do at Shelterwood is focused on restoring families. Placing a teen in a therapeutic boarding school  is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make, but it’s a decision that is courageous and loving — and one way we support families is by keeping them engaged and informed every step of  Read More >

Shelterwood Performing Arts: Life Lessons on and off Stage

When Shelterwood students participate in the performing arts, the show itself is only the beginning. Performing arts offer students opportunities for real transformation, and many students experienced that during the recent fall play. This season, Shelterwood students performed the first-ever fall play, Body, Body. “The play is about a high school girl, Madeline, who thinks  Read More >

Why fun matters at Shelterwood

Part of our approach to transformation at Shelterwood is giving our students new experiences and opportunities to step outside their comfort zone. Students learn to try new things, practicing recreation in ways that are healthy and constructive. This past summer at Shelterwood, students had several opportunities for special trips and off-campus activities. “Our students live  Read More >