Boarding Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana are Not Designed to Enroll Troubled Teens, but Shelterwood is! A leader among boot camps for teens.

Boarding Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana are Not Set Up to Also Help Teens Who are Struggling with Life, but Shelterwood Is!

If you need a boarding school for teens who have lost their way; one with a history of educational excellence, a strong Christian foundation, and a strong record of helping turn around troubled teens, please learn more about Shelterwood.

Despite the fact that Shelterwood is near Kansas City, not in Indianapolis, Indiana, this affordable, highly acclaimed, therapeutic boarding school could be the right fit for your teen.

Shelterwood has been helping teens and their families since the early ‘80’s. Parents just like you, from homes near and far from Indianapolis, Indiana have trusted their teens to Shelterwood. For some families, Shelterwood provides the strong academic reputation of an excellent boarding school to build up a struggling student. For other families, the teen could benefit from a well-structured environment to instill personal discipline or correct undesirable behavior. In any case, Shelterwood does more than traditional boarding schools in Indianapolis, IN, by addressing each student as a whole.

Shelterwood graduateBoarding Schools Make the Difference for Teens Who Need Extra Academic Attention…But Shelterwood Goes Even Further

Boarding schools serve as a highly desirable alternative to the traditional public school environment. But not all boarding schools are the same, particularly for a teen who has specific academic and emotional needs. The academic focus and individual tutoring and teacher interaction at boarding schools can make the difference a troubled teen needs to succeed academically. Unfortunately, not all boarding schools can handle or accept troubled teens on their campus.  They aren’t staffed to work with such kids like Shelterwoood is.

Unlike Most Boarding Schools Around Indianapolis, Indiana, Shelterwood Helps Students by Addressing Their Emotional and Behavioral Issues As Well

boarding school studentShelterwood emphasizes total care for your teen: the type of boarding school that can facilitate the start of a new life for your teen. Each student embarks on a year-long journey that includes academic as well as emotional aspects. Shelterwood includes standard methods, such as weekly individual and group counseling, as well as other innovative techniques, such as equine and recreation therapies, to work on underlying problems in the lives of teens. The one-of-a-kind “big brothers and sisters” mentorship program, along with the faith foundation at this Christian boarding school, creates an environment with a long-lasting impact on teens. As teens experience restoration in other aspects of their lives, their attitude toward education—and their grades—frequently undergo dramatic positive changes also.

Academic Excellence that Most Therapeutic Boarding Schools Near Indianapolis, Indiana Cannot Equal

boarding schools academicsUnlike most other therapeutic boarding schools that chiefly resort to a distance-learning curriculum, Shelterwood makes no compromises academically. Shelterwood operates a fully accredited boarding school with brick-and-mortar classrooms and on-campus certified teachers. We teach a core academic curriculum that prepares students well for high school graduation and any secondary education choices. At the same time, we include the personalized instruction, one-on-one mentoring, and group participation that help students at every level to excel. Shelterwood is at once an alternative school dedicated to struggling students and a boarding school that presents students a “normal” high school experience.

Imagine a Therapeutic Boarding School with Top Academics that is Also Affordable for Most Parents in Indianapolis, Indiana

boarding school studentsNotwithstanding the exceptional therapeutic care and outstanding academics, Shelterwood is surprisingly affordable, especially in comparison with traditional boarding schools near Indianapolis, Indiana. Shelterwood is a nonprofit ministry committed to helping families like yours and turning around teenagers in crisis.

Fill out our inquiry form today and take a positive step toward restoration for your student and your entire family. Or ask for our reference list to speak with other parents from places just like Indianapolis, IN.

More about boarding schools in Indianapolis, Indiana:
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