Boys boarding schools designed to bring transformation to troubled boys from Portland, Oregon, both American and international students. A leader among troubled teen programs.

Trying to Find Boys Boarding Schools in Portland, Oregon Designed to Bring Transformation to Boys Who are Struggling?

If your teenage boy is having emotional and behavioral problems, then getting the right boarding school that is specifically designed for boys who are struggling may mean more to you than finding one close to Portland, Oregon.  If so, we invite you to explore Shelterwood, located near Kansas City.

boys schoolsShelterwood was established over 30 years ago to meet specific needs expressed by parents: a boarding school serving teenage boys and girls through strong academics, support for Christian family values, and help for teenage struggles. In the years since then, Shelterwood has helped more than one thousand families experience a new life. Even though Shelterwood is located near Kansas City, rather than in Portland, Oregon, boys enroll from all over the country and find transformation in their personal lives and in their education.

Shelterwood Offers a Stronger Academic Foundation than Other Similar Boys Boarding Schools that May be Less Distance from Portland, Oregon

boarding school studentsAt Shelterwood, we commit to providing an exceptional education for the boys and girls in our boarding school. We put emphasis on a solid understanding of core courses, wanting students to fully grasp the basics to provide a firm foundation for further studies. Unlike other therapeutic boys boarding schools, we use real teachers in real classrooms, not computers in distance-learning courses. Shelterwood students typically display dramatic progress during the time they spend in our care. Our credentialed instructors work closely with them in small classes, providing the one-on-one coaching and inspiration they need to reach their highest academic potential.

Our Christian Boarding School Touches the Inner Spiritual and Emotional Needs of Troubled Boys

troubled boy at boarding schoolShelterwood understands well the distractions that come with adolescence, especially those rooted in relational issues or emotional trauma. Boys at Shelterwood show evidence of transformation from the inside out: as these distracting issues are addressed and removed, a parallel change takes place in the student’s motivation and ability to learn.

We also instill spiritual and character values in the boys, perhaps the same Christian values and relationship with Christ that you respect in your home. We teach service and direct boys to shift their thinking away from entitlement to regard for others. We do this through the example of our mentors and through community involvement, such as involving the boys in local and international missions. The everyday interactions with our mentors and staff on campus teaches teens also care for one another. Parents who enroll their boys in boarding schools expect to them to also broaden their horizons, and Shelterwood meets this expectation admirably. This adjustment in attitude and character remains evident in our students long after they return home, where they begin impacting their own communities and families.

In Our School, Relationships Sustain the Boys’ Boarding School Experience

Chapel musicRelationships are among the key areas on which we focus, because relationships do the most to foster lasting and meaningful change. Throughout his stay, your boy will focus on improving his family relationships and learn to respect authority, even as they show respect for your boy. We provide counseling in individual and group settings, plus counseling for families, to help resolve issues, build communication skills, and restore the family. We seek to gain trust with counselors and staff, but many students find that their most meaningful relationships – and the ones that most impact their growth – come from the young adult mentors who share life with our students during their stay. Of course, as in any boys boarding school, the students form camaraderie with one another that may be preserved for a lifetime.

Shelterwood is an affordable boys boarding school option for parents who want to help their boy get past misbehavior and dropping grades in school. Boys attend Shelterwood from all over the America, from all 50 states including Oregon and from cities like Portland. Call us today to learn more.

More about boys boarding schools in Portland, Oregon:
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Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is the county seat of Multnomah County.GR The city extends west into the Cedar Mill neighborhood in Washington County and south towards Lake Oswego in Clackamas County. With a commission-based government headed by a mayor and four other commissioners, the city and region are noted for strong land-use planning and investment in light rail, supported by Metro, a distinctive regional government. Because of its public transportation networks and efficient land use planning, Portland has been referred to as one of the most environmentally friendly, or “green”, cities in the world.
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