Christian boarding schools for girls in or near Ohio -- Shelterwood is a leading Christian therapeutic boarding school. A leader among Christian boarding schools and therapeutic schools for teens.

Need Help Finding a Christian Boarding School for Your Girl in Ohio? Will You Take a Look at Shelterwood?

While Shelterwood is not in the State of Ohio, it should be considered anyway, for it stands out in its commitment to helping teenage girls who are struggling with grades, motivations or emotions.

Shelterwood Christian Boarding School Enrolls Girls Who are Struggling…and Their Behaviors May be Impacting their Future.

In Addition to most Christian boarding schools in Ohio, Shelterwood is designed to work with struggling adolescent girls who are spiraling out of control or showing lack of motivation, rage, self-harm, dropping grades, substance abuse, or disrespect for others. As a Christian therapeutic boarding school, we believe permanent change takes place from the inside out.

Moreover the cost of Shelterwood may be less than you might imagine for a top therapeutic Christian boarding school for girls, and it is conveniently located in the center of the country.

For Girls, Shelterwood Offers Excellent Academics

Shelterwood excels in its accredited school, with fully equipped school facilities and qualified teachers on campus every day. Course work is fully transferable back to the girl’s home school and high school diplomas are awarded to girls who graduate while in our care. Our dedication to help adolescent girls grow behaviorally, spiritually, and in character is matched by our desire to provide her with a quality education, quality housing, quality meals and quality care.

Girls Come from Ohio and Also from Other Countries

Adolescent girls attend Shelterwood from around the country, including from Ohio. We also have international students. Most of our boarding school residents are from homes hours away.

Therapy for Girls that is Christian in Focus and Designed to Improve Behavior by Building Relationships and Providing Counsel and Mentoring

The Shelterwood Christian boarding school provides a dynamic and dedicated Christian staff who wrap girls in love when they are at their worst. Young women who are in our care participate in individual counseling once a week and group counseling twice a week with a Masters-educated counselor. Girls proceed through five phases of growth until they gain new attitudes and are ready to return to ordinary life at home.

Beyond scheduled counseling sessions, therapy takes place as the girls work with our team of college-educated Christian mentors and staff during class time, recreation, meals, and even chores. Our staff includes “big sisters” who reside with the girls in the dorms and humbly impart their lives out of a desire to deeply influence them.

Adolescents Learn to Serve Others As Well in Our Christian Boarding School. 

Shelterwood promotes community involvement and giving through serving. Shelterwood residents serve one another, serve the community, and learn to serve the world. Service happens on campus; through field trips to shelters, churches, and parks; and in missions experiences such as teaching orphaned children in Mexico or Haiti. maturity comes through instructing girls how to give to others, and we work hard to lead by example. The volunteer work is charitable and unpaid.

While Not Located in Ohio, Please Consider Learning More About Shelterwood for Your Girl

Would you please think about looking outside of Ohio, to see how Shelterwood’s unique program can bring about restoration in your family. Of the families we’ve served over the past 3 decades, more than eighty percent say that they have experienced healing. To discover more, we invite you to investigate the rest of our website, then fill out our online inquiry form or contact us directly at (800) 584-5005.

If Shelterwood is not the right fit for your girl or your budget, we’ll put you in touch with other boarding schools near Ohio, that we think highly of. We’re here to help you either way. Please call or inquire online.


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