Screen Shot 2015 12 15 at 7.11.07 PM 300x238 OptionsThinking About Program Options

A decision can be no better than the best option under consideration.  Analyzing the pros and cons of several options won’t do you any good if you’ve failed to identify the best ones.  Focusing on one type of solution to a problem and being constrained by your assumptions about what works and what doesn’t are examples of what we call ‘functional rigidity.’  This type of cognitive fixation gets amplified when we feel threatened as parents by time pressure, negative emotions, exhaustion, and other stressors.  We end up devoting energy to figuring out how to solve an immediate problem rather than developing new possibilities to explore.  To ensure the best possible outcomes for our students, Shelterwood focuses on two very specific practices in an effort to outsmart bias and support you in your BIG DECISION.

  1.  Joint Evaluation.  The problem with evaluating options in isolation is that you can’t ensure the best outcomes.  So when you apply to Shelterwood Academy, we review your information with an extensive treatment team of professionals from a variety of disciplines.  We may also consult with your family therapist, former academic advisories, and anyone else that you deem beneficial to the understanding of your story.  We want to determine what treatment strategy best fits your teen.
  2. Program Flexibility.  Even though Shelterwood Academy has been delivering excellent opportunities to teens for over 35 years, we refuse to rest on our traditional programming.  We promise to meet your needs with regards to program length.  We also offer a wide range of therapeutic experiences to ensure growth and change.  This list of treatment modalities has grown every year, and now includes activities such as art therapy, Brain Balance work, sand tray therapy, recreation therapy, low ropes course, outdoor recreation, music, and others.

Placement in a therapeutic facility is big decision.  It takes courage to consider the consequences of treatment and then to move forward.  But don’t be paralyzed by fear and remain isolated.  Lean on our deep expertise, and we can help you access the right information.  Our crisis counselors have the technical depth to help you sort through the multifaceted issues that your family is facing.


“This place isn’t about 8 months or 12 months, it’s about God’s timing.”

Brad S.
– Shelterwood Alumni