Residential treatment centers in Houston, Texas can help troubled teenagers through difficult times A leader among boarding schools with counseling.

Residential Treatment Centers in Houston, Texas can Help Struggling  Teenagers through Difficult Times

Shelterwood is a residential treatment center that offers teens in Houston, Texas excellent residential therapy. It is designed for teens struggling with issues such as anger, depression, minor drug abuse, defiant behavior, mental or physical abuse, and school or family troubles.

SW-local3Shelterwood gives teens exceptional therapy in a safe and loving environment. We help teens experience healing and restoration in their life and in their relationships. Even though it is located near Kansas City, not in Houston, Texas, Shelterwood is worth contacting because of its lower cost and excellent success with troubled teenagers.

The Right Program for Families Trying to Find Innovative Therapy Options and Residential Treatment Centers in Houston, Texas 

Founded more than 30 years ago, Shelterwood has assisted more than a thousand families to discover healing and hope again. We pride ourselves on our multifaceted therapeutic offerings that promote families and family values. We use traditional therapies, found at most residential treatment centers, such as masterful counseling for individuals, groups and families, to help teens address their personal issues. In addition, we make use of nontraditional therapies, for example, play therapy and equine therapy, to further help teens learn to express difficult emotions.

Therapeutic Boarding School with an Emphasis on Relationships

boarding school studentAmong the many strengths of Shelterwood is our experienced and compassionate staff. Each teen is designated a masters-level therapist who remains closely involved with the teen and the family throughout the year of residential treatment. Our “big brothers and sisters” program plays a key role in the spiritual discipleship aspect of our treatment center. At Shelterwood, we believe in the power of relationships to touch lives. With that in mind, we have a number of young adult mentors who live in the dorms with the teens and spend the days with them, completing chores or enjoying activities together. It is during these commonplace moments that much effective input occurs. Few residential treatment centers have such a powerful asset as these dedicated young men and women mentors.

Shelterwood Maintains Strong Academics along with its Program of Therapy

Beyond the therapy and the relational environment on the campus, Shelterwood commits to giving teens a solid education as well. Throughout their enrollment in residential treatment, teens pursue credits in core classes, emphasizing mastery of essential skills and material to fill in any academic gaps and prepare them well for their future. Some residential treatment centers emphasize therapy to the exclusion of education. Shelterwood operates a fully-equipped school, not a distance-learning program, so that teens enjoy the benefits of a normal high school experience during treatment. Those who leave Shelterwood before high school graduation experience an easier transition home, to Houston, Texas or elsewhere.

The Whole Family is Provided Care Right Along with the Teenager in Our Care

In one other important area, unique among residential treatment centers, Shelterwood focuses on the family and on the values held by the families we serve. Our faith forms the foundation for everything we do, from the treatment we offer to the spiritual component of our program. We provide counseling to parents during family retreat weekends, in which parents also have time and support to build the relationship with their teen. While the teen receives most of the direct care, entire families experience transformation from enrollment at Shelterwood.

We encourage you to look beyond Houston, Texas to see the exceptional quality Shelterwood offers. Among residential treatment centers, few go so far to treat teenagers as a whole and to care for the entire family. Inquire today to learn how families like yours, from Houston, Texas and all over the nation, have found the care they needed at Shelterwood.

Shelterwood is an affordable residential treatment center for families who want to help their girl or boy get past misbehavior and loss of grades in school. Teens enroll in Shelterwood from all over the nation, from all 50 states including Houston, TX. Call us today to learn more.

More about residential treatment centers for teens in or near Houston, Texas:
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