Therapeutic boarding schools in Atlanta, Georgia may not have all the features that Shelterwood has. Learn all about it. A leader among Christian boarding schools.

Looking for Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Atlanta, Georgia? Will You also Consider Shelterwood?

While you are seeking out therapeutic boarding schools in Atlanta, Georgia, would you also look at a therapeutic boarding school a distance away from Atlanta, Georgia? Shelterwood stands out in its commitment to helping teens accomplish lasting change and renewed opportunity for a strong and successful future.

Shelterwood Enrolls Teens Who are Struggling with School or Their Attidude

In Addition to a traditional boarding school in Atlanta, Georgia, Shelterwood is designed to work with struggling adolescents who are spiraling out of control or showing signs of depression, rage, self-harm, dropping grades, alcohol or drug abuse, or disrespect for others. As a Christian therapeutic boarding school, we believe enduring change takes place from the inside out.

The cost of the Shelterwood therapeutic boarding school may be lower than you might imagine for a top therapeutic program, and it is conveniently located in the center of the country, on a sprawling newly-built campus.

Top-Quality Academics at the Shelterwood Boarding School

Mainly designed to be a therapeutic program, Shelterwood also excels in its accredited academic program with fully equipped school facilities and certified teachers on campus every day. Course work is fully transferable back to the child’s home school and diplomas are awarded to teens who graduate while in our care. Our dedication to help adolescents grow behaviorally, spiritually, and in character is matched by our desire to provide them with a quality education, quality housing, quality meals and quality care.

We Welcome Teens from Atlanta, Georgia and Also from Other Countries

Adolescent girls and boys come to Shelterwood from across the nation, including from Atlanta, Georgia. We also have international students. Most of our boarding school residents are from families who live hours away. After all, we find it advantageous for teens to effect change in a new environment well away from their old peer groups who may be near Atlanta, Georgia.

Therapy Designed to Improve Behavior and Build Character

The Shelterwood boarding school provides a dynamic team of dedicated individuals who wrap teens in love when they are at their worst. Teens who are in our care attend individual counseling once weekly and group counseling twice weekly with a Masters-educated counselor. Teens proceed through five phases of growth until they gain new attitudes and are ready to return to ordinary life at home. Outside of planned sessions, therapy takes place as teens work with our team of college-educated Christian mentors and staff during class time, recreation, meals, and even chores. Our staff incorporates “big brothers and sisters” who reside with the teens in the residence halls and humbly impart their lives out of a desire to deeply influence the teens.

At Shelterwood Residents Learn to Serve Others As Well

Another key sign of growth is an attitude of service and giving to others. Shelterwood whole-heartedly emphasizes community involvement and giving through serving. Shelterwood teens serve one another, serve the community and learn to serve the world. Service happens on campus; through field trips to shelters, churches, and parks; and in missions experiences such as building homes for the disadvantaged in Mexico or Haiti. Nurturing maturing teens means instructing them how to serve others, and we work hard to lead by example. The volunteer work is completely charitable and unpaid.

While Not in Atlanta, Georgia, Please Consider Shelterwood

Please think about looking beyond Atlanta, Georgia, to see how Shelterwood’s distinctive therapeutic program can bring restoration to your family. Of the families we’ve served over the past 3 decades, more than eighty percent say that they have experienced restoration. To learn more, we invite you to read the remainder of our website, then complete our online inquiry form or contact us directly at (800) 584-5005.

More about Therapeutic boarding schools near Atlanta, Georgia:
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