Students can fall behind in school for a variety of reasons. They can struggle academically because of poor attendance, and failure to complete assignments. Some may face other circumstances, like anxiety or depression, which have made school more challenging. When a student falls behind, getting back on track feels impossible; but at Shelterwood, students get a fresh start and the opportunity to catch up and excel academically.

“The time and effort our teachers put into the students, combined with our clinical approach and credit recovery options, set the stage for success,” explains John Lawrence, Shelterwood Principal. “In most cases, students are able to catch up and move further along in their academic career.”

When a student arrives at Shelterwood, John and his team begin by assessing where the student is academically. “We look at what credits they have, what courses they may need to make up and what credits they will need to graduate.”

Shelterwood’s curriculum offers several options designed for credit recovery. “For incomplete or failed courses, students start with a pre-test. If they test out of the areas they already understand, then they can move past that unit and catch up more quickly,” John explains.

Shelterwood Education

For some students, course completion can continue even after the student graduates from Shelterwood. “If a student has not made up all the needed credits while they are here on campus, they can complete their courses through our online platform,” John says. “Our goal is to help our students complete as many credits as possible, so they have the best chance for academic success when they return home.”

“Not only do we help students catch up, we also work with students who want to get ahead and finish early,” John says. Highly motivated students are able to complete two full years of school in one year’s time if they are consistent, disciplined and work hard. “We have students who took it upon themselves to work hard, gain additional credits and graduate early,” John shares. “They left Shelterwood with a fresh start.”

Students also benefit from our smaller class sizes at Shelterwood. Our students receive personal attention and academic support not always available in a traditional school setting.

The support of Shelterwood’s academic team can also make a big impact on student success, John explains. “Every student has an academic advisor, who monitors the student’s progress. We meet regularly as a team to discuss how each teen is doing, so they can be as successful as possible in their school setting,” he says.

When the barrier to academic success is emotional, such as anxiety in the classroom, Shelterwood helps students in those areas as well. “Therapists work with students on focus, drive and determination. Our goal is to help them get back in the classroom and to be successful in that setting, so they can get back on track,” John explains.

No matter where a child is academically, Shelterwood will help that student make the progress needed for success. “Students get back into the academic routine and practice what they are learning in a therapeutic setting. This sets the stage for them to catch up and find success in the classroom at Shelterwood and most importantly when they return home,” John says.