Shelterwood Academy is a Christ-centered therapeutic boarding school for teens struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges.


Jim Marvine
President and Chief Executive Officer

As Shelterwood’s President/CEO, Jim Marvine has a rich history with Shelterwood and our founder Richard Beach. He came to Christ in his late 20’s during a family weekend when his brother was at Shelterwood in the early days of the ministry. Richard Beach lived with Jim and his family when our current campus was first acquired and launched. Jim was actively involved in Richard Beach’s Sky’s the Limit inner city camp in Kansas City for two years and has spent most of his career serving Jesus in some capacity. Jim’s daughter was a mentor at Shelterwood, which led to her career as an addiction counselor.

Jim is a well-respected ministry and business leader with a long track record of success. Most recently, Jim was CEO of Behind the Walls, Bill Glass evangelism training and prison ministry in Texas since 2012. Jim also has over 20 years of healthcare experience in physician practice management and medical sales. He is an ordained minister and spent two years on staff at Grace Community Church in Arlington, Texas as Director of Men’s Ministry.

Jim and his wife Sue have been married for forty years. They have four children and five grandchildren. Jim is a graduate of Kansas University, and they have deep ties to Kansas City and to the Shelterwood community, including a vast network of ministry and business relationships.


David Fisher
Chief Officer of Operations

Admissions & Outreach

Laurell Ogle
Admissions Advisor

As one of our admissions advisors, Laurell loves getting to chat with families that are interested in Shelterwood — offering hope and the restorative possibilities of the community here. She coordinates intakes, gives tours and welcomes new families into our Shelterwood family (and it truly is a family). In addition to the co-workers and clients at Shelterwood, she also has a family at home … Laurell and her husband have four children ranging from ages 6 to 18, plus two cats and a dog. Which means that weeknights and weekends are packed, with everything from church and 4H to sports and movie nights.


Jennifer Price
Director of Human Resources

She recruits. She hires. She onboards. She trains. All while developing processes, supporting managers,
coordinating all human resources activities (and more). As a retired principal, she has more than enough
experience to create systems and solve problems. But while Jennifer does A LOT here at Shelterwood,
there is one thing you will never see her doing: touching cardboard. (No, we’re not sure why. But it’s a
good thing that particular task isn’t in her job description!) When she’s not getting-it-done — and
avoiding cardboard — you’ll find Jennifer spending time with her four grandkids.

Constance Chiteshe
HR Administrative Assistant

Jax Bell

IT Specialist

His name might sound like the main character of a spy thriller, but at Shelterwood, Jax is our IT Specialist. Which means he’s responsible for designing, maintaining and troubleshooting all of our systems, from hardware to software and everything in between—supporting staff in their mission to help our residents. In his off time, Jax is an airplane enthusiast who loves March Madness, snowboarding, playing disc golf and traveling. (We’re assuming he left out the part about all the international espionage. 


Christa Fitzgerl
Director of Marketing

Libby Odofin
Digital Marketing Specialist

As our digital marketing specialist, Libby interacts with people on campus, capturing all the special things that happen here (and there are a lot!), and sharing them on social media, among other places. When she’s not behind the camera at Shelterwood, she’s behind the camera around Kansas City, capturing interesting pictures of every moment she can. She also enjoys relaxing in a hammock, finding cool coffee shops, speaking in random accents and hanging out with her rescue dog, Bagel. (Yes, Bagel.)


Colin Eurit
Recruiting Coordinator

Why does Shelterwood have such great leaders? A lot of it has to do with Colin, who visits churches,
universities, ministries and camps all over the United States to connect with people and find future
Shelterwood employees. He’s the perfect person to do it, too, because he loves being a storyteller and
having good conversations (note: some of those conversations may end up leading to talk of Star Wars).
If you can’t find Colin around Shelterwood, chances are it’s because he’s on the road … either looking for
the next members of our Shelterwood family — or riding his motorcycle.


Casey Kapple
Director of Spiritual Formation

At Shelterwood, Casey leads and sets up opportunities for students, parents and staff to encounter God and grow in their relationships with Jesus, themselves and others. As an ordained minister and graduate of Heartland Community Church’s seminary program, he has spent the last two decades working with teenagers and families in the Kansas City area and is passionate about creating environments for life transformation and restoring broken relationships.

His connection to Shelterwood began when he was young, when the Academy’s founder helped him during a family crisis — a connection that was instrumental in helping him experience faith, hope and love during a time of trouble. He is grateful for the opportunity to provide the same experience for other young adults, furthering the vision of Shelterwood.

During his off time, Casey loves spending time with his wife and four children, enjoying the
great outdoors (and a great cup of coffee … which he drinks a lot of). Fun fact about Casey? He is always up for anything — especially if it means he gets to dress up like a character.


Mitch Trumpp
Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Mitch leads a team that oversees the grounds, buildings and vehicles at Shelterwood, ensuring that the entire campus is safe, clean, comfortable and beautiful. In addition to performing trades work, he also mentors kids through the Shelterwood trades program, teaching our students the job that he loves. When he’s not working in the great outdoors, Mitch is enjoying it — with hunting and fishing being two of his favorite weekend activities.

Larry Ussack

Maintenance Facilities

Bev Sheets


If you’re looking for Bev, she’ll be around campus, cleaning buildings and helping with projects (and if Bev has her way, it will be outside). If you’ve ever noticed how impeccably clean and beautiful Shelterwood is, it’s thanks to Bev’s incredibly high standards. When she’s not here making sure our students and staff have a nice place to stay and work, she’s at home with her family (and hopefully getting some well-deserved rest).


Dylan Tucker

Director of Finances

At Shelterwood, we know that our students can’t feel supported unless our staff does. That’s why Dylan
works with our “behind-the-scenes” departments (Finance, HR, IT, Food Services and Maintenance) to
ensure that they feel empowered to help our residents — and each other. From monitoring employee
satisfaction, to making sure equipment is working to handling the financial management, Dylan does it
all. And while he loves his job, it’s the hard-working, loving people at Shelterwood that keep him coming
to work every day. On the days he is at home, he’s outdoor with his wife and two amazing and wild (his
word, not ours) kids— hiking, camping, watching sports or playing mediocre golf.

Austin Brewer

Accounting Manager


Matthew Reffitt

Food Services Director

Chef Matthew rocks in the kitchen. And we don’t just mean listening to loud music while he cooks (which he does, FYI). He literally rocks at making fresh, fun and flavorful food for our residents and staff every single day. Whether he’s introducing a new food, planning meals, or accommodating special dietary restrictions, Matthew does his job with passion and heart. His secret ingredient? 100% effort. (No wonder his meals taste so good.) When he’s not in the kitchen cooking, Chef Matthew is in the kitchen teaching — running a culinary program for students. And when he’s not at Shelterwood, you’ll find him bowling, traveling, going to concerts and just relaxing with his wife and daughter.