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Shelterwood can be a fresh start not just for your teen, but for your entire family.

We understand that researching residential treatment options for your struggling teen can be stressful, confusing and highly emotional. Many of the parents we talk to are losing hope. Please hear us: You are not alone. Although residential treatment might feel like the end of the road, we see it as a beginning. Let’s talk about how Shelterwood can help: (816) 357-5350 or

An Encouraging Message from Our CEO:

A Place to Start

Before you call, here are some resources that have helped other families:

  • Shelterwood is the one of the few faith-based residential treatment center accredited by The Joint Commission: Shelterwood has earned the elite Gold Seal of Approval from one of the industry’s leading organizations. Here’s why accreditation matters to families like yours.
  • Our simple admissions process: Only six steps from your first call to arrival day, our admissions process is designed to get teens help as fast as possible.
  • FAQs from struggling families: Here are some of the most common questions families ask us, including how Shelterwood works with health insurance providers.
  • Why we’re different: Shelterwood’s research-based therapies, accredited academics and mentoring program make it a one-of-a-kind faith-based residential treatment center.
A Shelterwood enrolled teen laughing with a group of boys on a couch.

The Admissions Process

We are here to help you navigate.

Finding the right residential treatment center for your teen and your family is the catalyst for a successful journey.

1. Please call us

The first step towards restoration for your teen is reaching out to our Admissions department. During this phone consultation, our caring team is here to get to know your family and answer all of your questions. Whether you are just curious about what Shelterwood has to offer, or you are ready to apply, we are here to support you.

2. Submit an application

It is easy to complete your son or daughter’s application online. Our application gathers information about your family, your child’s education, previous therapy, counseling or psychological treatment and your child’s medical history. There is no fee to apply and no obligation to enroll.

3. Review your options

Many of our families are interested in working with their insurance providers to get the cost of residential options at Shelterwood covered. Our Admissions team can put you in touch with a list of Insurance Advocate organizations to help you resolve claims issues and ensure your health benefits are working for you.

4. Assessment and admission

Our multi-disciplinary team reviews the application. From academics to counseling, we take your teen’s unique needs into consideration as we evaluate. You can expect your application to be reviewed within 72 hours of submission, and you will have direct contact with your admissions counselor for any questions that may arise. We are with you every step of the way.

5. Schedule an enrollment date

With the admissions decision made, the next step is establishing a time frame for arrival. You can schedule enrollment as early as 24 hours after the admissions decision is made. Once you’ve selected an enrollment date, you will bring your teen to Shelterwood at the scheduled time. If you choose to use a transportation service, plan to coordinate with the service for appointment times. Our admissions team can also advise you as you plan travel to Shelterwood.

6. Arrive at Shelterwood

Leaving home and family to enroll in a residential treatment center can bring mixed emotions for your whole family. We are here to welcome you when you arrive. We will help your teen settle in and become familiar with our campus. You will complete the intake process, with finalizing paperwork and enrollment documents as well. You will have your first family therapy session with your therapist before you leave campus. Our academic team will work directly with your teen’s school administration to facilitate credit transfer.

“I’ve been associated with Shelterwood since its inception and think it’s one of the finest facilities for troubled teens available.”

Joe White

“There was always someone there I could talk to, no matter the time of day or night. I have made life friends as well as my daughter. As hard as the journey was at times, I am forever grateful in the help and love we got from Shelterwood.”


“So grateful for you and that there is a place where families can get the help they need. Because of the help that I received at Shelterwood, I am so much closer to my parents and my brother. We are a family again.”


Share Your Challenge With Us

Let today mark a fresh start for your teen and your family.