adoptionNovember is National Adoption Month. Here at Shelterwood we love the heart of adoption. Adoption is such a selfless expression of love in response to the love that we have first received. Jesus is the ultimate redeemer and in adoption, we are invited in to be a part of that redemptive process.

Everyday, hundreds of orphans are adopted. These children find safety and love in families who open themselves and their homes. We here at Shelterwood tip our hats to these parents who pursue adoption. It is by no means easy and we commend the sacrifice, hard work, and dedication that is required of adoptive families.

This month think of the families you know who have chosen to pursue adoption. Be intentional with praying and encouraging them. Find a chance to bless them with a meal or encouraging note. Let’s take the opportunity to love and encourage these adoptive families who open their hearts and homes to live and love as Jesus.


Listen to other students share their stories of change.

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