For struggling teens, summer can bring a variety of challenges. Without the organized activities and rhythms of the school year, summer can be a vulnerable season. When your teen is struggling, all you want is your child back — and Summer at Shelterwood can mark the first step towards real transformation for your teen and your family.

Are you concerned about your teen’s choices? Worried your teen may be headed down the wrong path? Summer at Shelterwood is designed for real restoration. Our program features activity, adventure, therapeutic intervention and top-tier education. Students leave Shelterwood with the tools they need for a strong start to the new school year.

Limited spots are available, and you can apply today. Teens can enroll at Shelterwood at any point, with the academic program running from June 5 through August 3. Reach out to our Admissions team to begin your teen’s application process.

Academic recovery

Does your teen need to catch up on class credits, or retake classes to boost their GPA? Both remedial and advanced students will benefit. Students attend fully-accredited academic programming, which includes flexible dates for enrollment and the opportunity to earn a minimum of 1.5 credits Students can earn nearly a semester’s worth of class credit over the summer! Our accredited school is a supportive and challenging environment where students can learn and grow. Time at Shelterwood means your teen will be ready to re-enter school with confidence in the fall.

Customized therapy program

No two teens are the same, and their therapeutic program should be as unique as they are. Our licensed therapists work as an interdisciplinary team to design an individualized treatment plan for every Shelterwood student. Teens participate in individual therapy with their personal therapist, plus group and family therapy. Our clinical team pulls a variety of therapeutic levers to help teens. Modalities include CBT, art therapy, sand tray therapy, play therapy, attachment and family systems. We use recreation, adventure, art, gardening, music and performing arts to help students uncover issues, build relationships and provide clarity for moving forward in life.

Addiction and substance abuse

Is your teen struggling with addiction? Are you worried about your teen dabbling in alcohol or drug abuse? Our rigorous substance abuse treatment and addiction program combines educational, therapy and experiential elements to help students lead a sober, healthy life. Whether your teen has an unhealthy relationship with technology or is struggling with substance abuse, our program sets the stage for recovery. Teens experience our addiction treatment program in conjunction with our summer program for holistic growth.

Building empathy through service

Our service opportunities help teens build character and grow in empathy for others. Students serve in a variety of contexts, from food banks to nonprofit thrift stores, shelters and even the Christmas tree farm near the Shelterwood campus. Teens learn how rewarding it is to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.

Shelterwood is a place where teens grow and find joy.

For struggling teens, Shelterwood is a place where they can rediscover joy. Teens build confidence and grow in character as they try new activities. Summer at Shelterwood is full of adventure and fun, with activities including music and art, gardening and fly fishing, sports and everything in between. Students uncover strengths they did not know they had and have their gifts affirmed. Teens can learn to smile again and connect with their peers in ways that are healthy and fun.

Shelterwood offers a nurturing environment with a foundation of faith.

At Shelterwood, teens know they are loved, valued and have purpose. Our faith-based approach includes inspirational chapel services, optional spiritual retreats and devotional time. Our young adult mentors create a dynamic environment for real heart change. During Summer at Shelterwood, teens learn that they are loved by Christ.

Summer at Shelterwood is a place where struggling teens can find real hope and real restoration. Students experience unparalleled therapy, boarding school excellence and a supportive, structured environment in a community of people committed to their growth.

This season can be a turning point for your teen. Enroll your teen today. Contact our admissions team.