Direct Care Staff: Full-time Mentor

Leadership Development

Called to one-on-one ministry?
Passionate about the hearts of teens?
Hungry to make a transformational impact?
Driven to share the joy of the Gospel?
Become a Shelterwood Mentor.

At the core of our therapeutic approach are young adult Mentors, men and women who meet teens where they’re at and speak Gospel truth into their lives. Shelterwood Mentors dedicate a year of their life to serving teens as they journey towards restoration.

Mentors come from different backgrounds, but they all share a passion for helping struggling teens while growing in leadership and service. Nicknamed “Bigs,” Mentors are men and women who have a passion for sharing the Gospel through discipleship.

Each Mentor assumes and shares the responsibility of supervising all current students living in the house. The Mentor must know at all times where each student within their supervision is, what they are doing and whom they are with. As they work with teens, they lay groundwork for social, academic and spiritual growth of the students.

But it’s not just the Shelterwood teens who experience transformation. Mentors are transformed by Shelterwood too. It’s a year-long journey of leadership, spiritual growth, coaching and training. This is a once-in-a-lifetime leadership development opportunity.

Mentors have responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Coverage and supervision
  • Transportation
  • Academics
  • Meetings
  • Kitchen and meal times
  • Facilities and maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Ongoing training and professional development

Mentors are expected to conform with the guidelines of HIPAA, as well as our policies and procedures, including critical areas like reporting, confidentiality, and health and safety. We expect that each Mentor has either graduated from college or had some significant experience in working with teens. A sincere faith in Jesus is also an important prerequisite.

Over their year of service, Mentors receive extensive child care training and coaching. Specific training is required at the beginning of their tenure on our staff, including kitchen training, food safety, driving education, de-escalation techniques, medication certification, restraint training, risk reduction, CPR and first aid training.

Shelterwood Mentors are committed to serving teens for the glory of God. If you’ve ever felt called to share the transformational love of Jesus with teens, then you’re invited to apply for the Mentorship program.


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