How long do students stay at Shelterwood?

When your teen is struggling, all you want is your child back. Although many struggling teens require a traditional residential therapeutic program of nine or more months, some teens may be able to make the transition back home sooner. So at Shelterwood, every teen begins comprehensive treatment with our Rebalance Intensive Assessment.

This stage is designed to initiate the real transformation and restoration your child needs. Our goal in our Intensive is to help you determine what’s best for your teen and your family, answering the question of whether you can finish your treatment back home or whether more residential treatment is needed. And the only way to know the answer is to begin.

Because no two teens are the same, the length of stay looks different for every student. You and your family will receive weekly updates from your therapist throughout the process. And at the end of your Intensive, your family will have a special review with your treatment team to assess progress made.