How are Mentors selected and trained?

Our young adult staff are largely college graduates who have chosen to give a year of their lives in service to helping teens. Many young adults come to us after graduating with degrees in counseling, social work, and ministry. And each Shelterwood mentor goes through a rigorous application and interview process. Mentors are expected to conform with the guidelines of HIPAA, as well as our policies and procedures, including critical areas like reporting, confidentiality, and health and safety. We expect that each mentor has either graduated from college or had  some significant experience in working with teens. A sincere faith in Jesus is also an important prerequisite.

Over their year of service, mentors receive extensive child care training and coaching. Specific training is required at the beginning of their tenure on our staff, including kitchen training, food safety, driving education, de-escalation techniques, medication certification, restraint training, risk reduction, CPR and first aid training. This video explains the role of our mentors and how they help the teens enrolled in our program.