How are parents involved in students’ progress?

Parental involvement is critical to the success of teens at Shelterwood. Students enjoy a weekly call home along with regular family counseling. Parents have the opportunity to attend two family retreat weekends on the campus each year, which are designed to deepen the family unit through intensive family sessions, groups, parent seminars, and a wide variety of fun and adventurous activities. Parents are also given the opportunity to visit their teen on and off campus throughout the school year in accordance to individual treatment plans.

You and your family will receive weekly updates from your therapist. And at the end of your Intensive, your family will have a special review with your treatment team to assess progress made. This will equip you to make the decision: is your teen ready to return home, or do you need more support from Shelterwood?

Shelterwood parents are involved in the development of the treatment plan, have access to school records through an online parent portal, receive regular interdisciplinary reports from the treatment team, and are invited to quarterly meetings with the various department heads to determine general satisfaction and resolve any issues that might be emerging. We also make sure that parents are deeply involved in the development of their teen’s aftercare plan so that the whole family is prepared for their return.