How does Shelterwood address students’ medical needs?

If and when a student has a medical concern, a Shelterwood Case Coordinator will contact parents to gain approval before scheduling an appointment. Of course, if the student is in need of emergency medical care and parents cannot be reached, Shelterwood will follow through with an appropriate emergency response.

Over the course of the students’ stay on campus, case coordinators work with parents/guardians and Shelterwood’s team of therapists to determine if the teens are in need of appointments ranging from annual physicals, dental/eye exams, orthodontist appointments or psychiatric appointments, among many others.

Specific Shelterwood staff is certified to dispense medication and parents/guardians will be consulted before prescriptions are filled. The case coordinators also help bridge the gap between doctors at home and doctors at Shelterwood, by connecting these parties when necessary and helping transfer information and records.