Is Shelterwood faith-based? What does that mean for my teen’s time at Shelterwood?

Shelterwood is faith-based, and the values and teachings of Jesus are at the center of what we do here. And we also believe very much in sound clinical treatment from our masters-trained therapists. We believe in excellent clinical care along with strong spiritual values based on the teachings of Jesus.

Shelterwood includes weekly chapel services, voluntary mentor-led Bible studies, mission trips, and quarterly intensive spiritual retreats. At these retreats, our team has developed a special program that helps teens to uncover the stronghold lies that they have been believing about themselves and replace these lies with the truth of what God says about them. We have seen tremendous breakthroughs for our teenagers on these retreats. Mission and service trips have been a catalyst for real change in many of our teens’ lives.

Not interested in faith? Your teen is still welcome. Teens are never forced to convert or pushed into any spirituality. Faith is always a personal choice for our teenagers. Families that send their teens to Shelterwood do not need to have a faith experience either, but most families are greatly comforted by the knowledge that faith and values are at the heart of what we do. Success at Shelterwood is when we see a family restored. Over and over again at graduation, parents say, I’ve got my child back!