What types of students will my teen be with at Shelterwood?

Shelterwood teens are really no different from the teens in your community. Our teens come from all over the country, from big cities and small communities. They often tell us that most of their friends back home are dealing with many of the same issues that they are facing. Shelterwood teens have families that were willing to go the extra mile and to get help for their teen. At Shelterwood, our staff are involved with teens throughout the day and are able to challenge and intervene when inappropriate behavior is practiced or even discussed. Each teen is vetted through a rigorous application process to reduce the risk that a teen might be a danger to others, and our team also works hard to develop and promote positive peer culture on our campus. Parents of Shelterwood graduates consistently tell us that one of the greatest things about Shelterwood was the life-long friendships that their teen made while they were here.