Memories of Richard Beach

rich picture 228x300 Memories of Richard BeachLooking back over old flyers and newsletters from the formative years of our program in the early 80’s, I ran across many articles written by our founder, Richard Beach. But I think some of the most encouraging notes were those from students, some of which are now nearing fifty years old. Reading the students’ stories of change, I am reminded that while staff and programming may have changed, the Author of change remains the same and faithful.

A female student shares in 1984, “Shelterwood is not a place for ‘problem kids.’ Everyone has problems, but at times we just don’t know how to do deal with them. Before I came here in the fall of 1983, I had difficulties in the areas of family life and other relationships, bad grades, trouble at school, and involvement with drugs. I thought nothing could go right with my life. That’s why I ‘m glad there was a place where I could come and sort out my feelings. It’s comforting to know that someone cares enough to help you through the hard times and also be there to share joys and triumphs with. I’ve learned so much in this past year, and it’s amazing. But the most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s exciting to see how He fits into all of this. He is the reason I’ve come so far.”

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