Meet Lloyd Rindels

As the Director of Training and Leadership Development, Lloyd Rindels [...]

Meet Lloyd Rindels2022-05-20T18:30:11+00:00

Meet JJ Francis

James “JJ” Francis has served in several roles at Shelterwood, [...]

Meet JJ Francis2022-05-20T18:32:51+00:00

Meet Sam Cummins

Sam Cummins is the Shelterwood Dean of Student Services and [...]

Meet Sam Cummins2022-05-20T18:38:53+00:00

Meet Lis Klemme

Elisabeth (Lis) Klemme, Brain Balance Program Director at Shelterwood, loves [...]

Meet Lis Klemme2017-05-25T15:56:14+00:00

Meet Jessica Wood

Jessica Wood, Clinical Director at Shelterwood Academy, loves seeing families [...]

Meet Jessica Wood2016-08-12T16:37:00+00:00
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