We work with some excellent Transport Agencies.

Tony Pallotto, from Teen Adolescent Placement Service (TAPS), recently visited our campus and is doing some amazing work with families.  Tony has been serving families since 1995 and has an incredible personal story of life-change that would captivate anyone.  Tony has written a book and is going to be the focus of a television show on A&E this summer.  Tony and others like Bill & Chris Harper of Touchdown Transport are high character individuals that got involved with this line of work because of their own family history and they are passionate about caring for you and your teen.  They have big hearts and connect quickly with teens, making transport a positive experience during what is typically a very tumultuous time.   Both Tony and Bill would probably suggest that a skilled Transport Agency should follow these steps:

Parent Preparation and Orientation

-Discuss the teen’s history with parents
-Consult with the teen’s care professionals (educational consultants, psychiatrists, counselors)
-Coordinate all travel arrangements
-Prepare and reassure parents

The Day of Transport
When the transport agents arrive, they should:
-Introduce themselves to the teen
-Inform the teen of what is about to take place
-Listen to the teen’s perception of the situation
During the trip
-Remain non-judgmental
-Answer the teen’s questions honestly
-Show respect and ask that it be returned
-Help the teen accept responsibility and become as open-minded as possible
Upon arrival at the Program
-Assure the teen of the program’s benefits
-Relay observations to the program staff and parents
-Say goodbye to the teen and provide an encouraging word of support