Grandparent to a struggling teen? Here's how to help.

Grandparents know modern life is particularly tough on young people.

Media saturation, constant digital comparison and our high-stress culture exacerbate the everyday challenges we knew as teenagers. It's excruciating to watch a grandchild battle with depression, anxiety or addiction and wonder how best to help.

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Shelterwood is a residential treatment agency where at-risk or struggling teenagers find hope and transformation. We've seen thousands of young people rediscover their value and reclaim their passion for life. We know proactive grandparents are strong allies for kids who are having trouble thriving.

Grandparents play an essential role at Shelterwood. Watch one family's story.

That's why we believe in the importance of involved grandparents. Grandparents can be a strong, guiding presence for the whole family and be instrumental in bringing peace to chaotic situations. At Shelterwood, we welcome the wisdom of grandparents and include the entire inter-generational family in our treatment plans.

“Make your intentions clear to your adult kids: You want to be an overwhelmingly positive influence in their family and in their children’s lives; you are willing to help on their terms; and you will encourage them and their children every step of the way.”

- Dr. Ken Canfield, author of The H.E.A.R.T. of Grandparenting:
Five Keys to Being the Best Grandparent Possible.

Why Grandparents matter: A conversation between Dr. Ken Canfield & Shelterwood CEO Jim Subers.

No matter if you have a grandchild at Shelterwood right now, one beginning to consider residential treatment programs, or are just concerned that your grandchild is hurting, you can help.

Learn how your hard-won lessons, life-long relationships and deep bonds can be put to work for your grandkids' good.

Devotional Download

E-Book Download: Five Unique ways Grandparents Can Encourage Struggling Teens