Here at Shelterwood, we love exploring creative and engaging ways for our students to be involved in the world around them. Currently, we have a small group of committed staff and students that meets weekly to discuss the problem of human trafficking. The group has watched a corresponding documentary and has been involved in different awareness raising events and projects on campus and in the community.

It is exciting and encouraging to watch students eagerly participating in the group and learning more about the issues related to human trafficking. We have also seen a therapeutic benefit to the group. According to our staff member who facilitates the group, “[the group] allows them an open, but safe environment to talk about the things in their own pasts, which have lead them to be passionate about the issue”. Being able to connect issues in community and world with their personal experiences has been tremendously insightful for them. The insight they have gained into their own situation further motivates them to become involved in becoming active participants in the group. The group members are currently looking into even more opportunities to raise awareness within the community.

Check out this amazing video one of our students created on the subject.