Lost & Alone

Looking for Identity in Drug Use

Before coming to Shelterwood, I was lost.  I was looking for satisfaction and my identity in the wrong places.  I was doing drugs, skipping school, being defiant, and only worrying about myself.  One of the worst consequences from all of this was that I was expelled from school.

Because of these behaviors, my parents made the decision to send me to Shelterwood.  I didn’t look forward to it; in fact I dreaded it and while I was there, I honestly didn’t think it was fun. But now I can say that not only did it help me, but even better, it changed my life forever.

Shelterwood taught me so many things. It taught me to look at people differently.  I learned to find the good in everyone, and that God has made each person for a reason and they have something to offer and we should love them.  It taught me about the very real battle for our hearts that we are facing each day, and that we have an active enemy ready to lead us in the wrong direction.

Shelterwood taught me that I am forgiven for my failures and mistakes in the past and in the future, and that every time I fall, Jesus will be right there to catch me. He will never leave me, and I can always come back to Him no matter how long or how much I stray away.

Shelterwood taught me that His love is unconditional and that good works won’t get me to heaven.

And my relationships have improved so much since attending Shelterwood, especially the one with my parents.  We get along so much better!  Now, when I get mad, I have learned how to step back, take a breather, and go about it differently.

The most important relationship that Shelterwood impacted was my relationship with Jesus.  Because of Shelterwood, I am new.  One of my favorite things to say is, “forever I am changed by his love” and this couldn’t be more true.  At Shelterwood, I got a grasp on what forgiveness really means and that I truly am forgiven through His love. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Shelterwood, and the change in me is lasting, and it’ll never go away.  Now I am prepared and ready to spread the Good News.  I am just beginning my junior year in high school.  And one day I hope to be a professional basketball player overseas in a country where I can be a missionary as well and use the talents God gave me for His glory and His name.

Hank B.