I learned to love myself

I would not have been able to do any of this without God.  When I arrived here, I thought that I was “all I had,” and I was “all I needed.”  I couldn’t have been more wrong.   I learned so many things here.  I gained a relationship with Jesus here.   I learned that love conquers all things.   I learned that when you begin to love yourself, everything changes.  And when you really begin to love who God created you to be, that is when you can begin to love others.   I love the brotherly community that this place creates.  People here really care about you, and help you to discover how much God cares about you.

After Chris B. shared at his graduation his mother, Renee, took the podium and spoke….

Shelterwood was a miracle for our family.   After months of research, I knew that Shelterwood was where we wanted our son to be.  We have seen so many changes in our son.  However, the most significant change is his passion for Jesus.   It is incredible.  Even though we have been to church as a family for years, I can honestly say, that only recently I witnessed my son really worship for the first time.   We have Shelterwood to thank for this, and there is nothing more meaningful to a believing mom and dad to see this in their son.   We brought our son to Shelterwood as a scared, confused boy.  We are bringing him home as a confident and mature young man.”