Kortney Levy is Shelterwood’s Director of Recruiting. Joining the Shelterwood Team in August, she brings more than 10 years of recruiting experience and a passion for people to her role.

“Such a God Situation”

Kortney hadn’t heard of Shelterwood until this past summer, but it came into her life at just the right moment. After spending several years home with her children, Kortney was beginning to search for job opportunities in the recruitment field again. She mentioned her interest to a friend, a recruiter in Kansas City. That very same day, her friend’s dad—Lloyd Rindels, Shelterwood’s Director of Training and Leadership Development—called to ask if she knew any recruiters looking for work. Her friend called Kortney immediately to tell her Shelterwood was searching for someone just like her.

“It was so insane that it was the same day,” Kortney says, “Shelterwood was exactly what I was looking for. It was such a God situation.”

Within a week, she was Shelterwood’s new Director of Recruiting.

Why Shelterwood?

Shelterwood checked all the practical boxes Kortney wanted for employment: a positive work/life balance, good insurance, and an opportunity to shape a recruiting department. But more than that, she fell in love with Shelterwood’s mission.

“I think it’s such a gift, what we do,” she says.

Kortney has seen people she loved struggle with self-worth; she sees them in the teenagers Shelterwood serves. She wants Shelterwood’s young people to know their value on a deep level, forgive themselves for past mistakes, and live in that freedom.

“People are just so worth it,” Kortney says. “I don’t think they realize how worth it they are.”

What Does a Director of Recruiting Do?

“My entire job is just getting to know people, to be perfectly honest,” Kortney laughs.

She spends time building relationships with colleges and universities who train the kinds of professionals Shelterwood is seeking. She travels to speak at career fairs and tracks job boards to find good candidates.

“I am looking for people who love the Lord and love people,” Kortney says.

Those are the kinds of things that might not come across clearly on a resume, so Kortney places a lot of emphasis on the interview process.

“I’m not going to lie: I cry in about half of our interviews,” Kortney laughs. “The job that we are asking people to do is so personal…We’re asking you to change lives and be the biggest influence on our kids’ lives. People are so open and vulnerable. Most the time, they share their lives with me.”

Beyond Recruiting

“I love being able to pour into people,” Kortney says.

Outside of her official duties, Kortney is looking forward to spending more time supporting the mentors she hires to support Shelterwood’s students.

“God really laid on my heart: What about your mentors?” Kortney says. “Our kids are only as strong as our mentors.”

She’s loves that Shelterwoods’ mentors come from all over the country and all kinds of backgrounds. It gives them a chance to connect with people they never would have known otherwise. Kortney wants to help give them opportunities to get to know one another better and forge those deeper relationships outside of work.  

“You sure can love someone a whole lot more when you know their story,” Kortney says. “You can really support someone and have their back when you can wear their shoes for a second.”  

A Commitment to an Open Heart

Whether at work or at home, Kortney believes in living out of an open heart and taking each day as a gift.

“Tomorrow isn’t promised,” Kortney says. “I try to keep that awareness. You want people leaving you better for it. There’s so much negativity and sadness in the world. If you can be a bright spot–that’s a good place to sit in.”

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