As the Director of Training and Leadership Development, Lloyd Rindels leads the Shelterwood Mentor program. “Working at Shelterwood with the entire staff, teachers and residential directors has been such a rich and rewarding experience. Everyone here loves God and loves what they do even when it is hard.” Meet Lloyd Rindels, and learn how he works to cultivate Mentors at Shelterwood.

What he loves most about Shelterwood: “I love the impact that Shelterwood has on the lives of teenagers who are struggling and how we help their families,” Lloyd says. “I really believe in what God has us doing, and it makes a difference.”

Before Shelterwood: A veteran of the United States Air Force, Lloyd earned his degree in education from the University of Arizona, and then he worked in the Arizona House of Representatives. In 1987, Lloyd made a career shift and went into vocational ministry as a pastor and served at a church in Phoenix. Upon relocating to Kansas City, he and his wife, Brenda, started a discipleship training program at Kansas City Fellowship church called Master’s Commission, and Lloyd went on to become the Director of the All Nations Training Center at that church. Lloyd and Brenda even lived in Belfast, Ireland, for a year, recruiting for the training center. Back in Kansas City, they planted New Day Church, where Lloyd is the Senior Pastor today.

What brought him to Shelterwood: Lloyd and Shelterwood CEO Jim Subers have a long history together, meeting each other while on staff at the same church. “I have been involved for most of my vocational career with training young adults and leadership development,” Lloyd says. “I have not only directed training programs, but built them from the ground up.” So when the opportunity to assist with the Shelterwood mentor program arose in 2014, Lloyd gladly accepted. In 2016, Lloyd became the Shelterwood Director of Training and Leadership Development.

The Shelterwood Mentor Program: Mentors, who are also called Direct Care Staff and Teen Mental Health Staff, are at the heart of Shelterwood’s relational approach. As they work with teens, Mentors lay the groundwork for the social, academic and spiritual growth of the students. For Mentors, this is not just a job or occupation. This is a calling, and Mentors make a profound impact on the teens in their care.

Day in the life: Lloyd is focused on the development of Shelterwood Mentors. “I am very involved in the ongoing training and leadership development with our mentors, giving them both advice and career counseling,” Lloyd explains. “I make sure that they are able to learn and adapt to the roles they have as they mentor teens.” His days involve giving advice, coaching, helping Mentors think critically, problem solve and, ultimately, minister Jesus to the Shelterwood teens.

How Mentors grow at Shelterwood: While Mentors help teens grow, they are growing too. “Mentors grow both spiritually and professionally during their time here,” Lloyd says. “Whenever we serve, we always grow as well, maybe even more than the people we are helping.” Spiritually, Mentors can be involved in Bible studies and life studies and work with teens who are struggling with their faith. Professionally, Mentors receive extensive training. “Mentor training includes everything from becoming state certified to issue medication, to first aid and CPR training, to how to work with people who have behavioral and social challenges. Mentors’ professional development includes a whole list of skills and competencies.”

When he was a teen: “I grew up in a non-Christian home,” Lloyd recalls. “I had a difficult childhood and I am a Shelterwood kid without having the Shelterwood experience — but God found me. So I have always wanted to serve young adults and help them. In a sense, my whole life in ministry is giving back.”

Family: Lloyd and Brenda have been married for 43 years — “I could not have done anything that I have done without her!” Lloyd smiles. They have three children and five grandchildren. Their oldest son is a fighter pilot in the Air Force, their daughter is the Vice President of Strategic Development at Balance Point Corporation and their youngest son teaches English in Hamburg, Germany.

Outside work: “I am an avid fisherman, and any opportunity I have, I love to go fishing, especially when the weather is nice,” Lloyd says. He fishes at most of the regional lakes around Kansas City but also enjoys fishing in Iowa and Minnesota.

Best part of his role at Shelterwood: “I enjoy being able to watch our Direct Care Staff and our Mentors grow and successfully help our teenagers who are struggling. The end result of that is seeing teenagers restored to their families. I do not know of a greater reward than seeing parents and their child back in a good relationship, loving each other and loving God.”

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