Teri Hansen, Human Resources Director, loves putting her HR acumen to work to help the Shelterwood team. Meet Teri.

Teri Hansen

What Teri loves most about Shelterwood: For Teri, everything at Shelterwood is about the restoration. “Our holistic goal of restoring families is so important to me, and we do this with both a clinical and faith-based approach,” she says.

When she was a teen: I was 17 going on 50!” Teri laughs. “I could not wait to be a grown-up and I enjoy being a grown-up so much more than I ever enjoyed being a teen.” She does cherish her longtime friendships from her teenage years, though. “I still have some friends today who I have had since kindergarten.”

Her Midwest move: Teri is originally from San Diego, California. When it was time for a move, she and her family conducted a thorough cross-country search. “It started with a spreadsheet and we looked at different places across the country. We looked at factors like the size of the city, what percent of households that were families, the quality of the school district, even the number of librarians per student!” They honed in on Blue Springs, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City near Shelterwood. The research paid off: “We love it here!” she says.

What brought her to Shelterwood: Teri brings nearly 15 years of experience in human resources management. She initially became connected through John Lawrence, Shelterwood principal, and Jane Lawrence, Registrar, who she met through volunteering in their children’s competitive marching band. Then, late last year, Teri lost her young nephew to a heroin overdose. “I do not want to see another family go through what we went through. I am a 100% believer in the Shelterwood program.”

A mentor to the staff: Teri says her job is similar to that of the Shelterwood young adult mentors, also called big brothers and big sisters. “I am like a ‘big’ to the staff. I help them with their challenges, their needs, anything from benefits to staffing,” she explains. “I love my job here!”

The Shelterwood setting: Even the environment at Shelterwood is conducive to helping teens on their healing journey, Teri says. “This is such a peaceful place. We are nestled in the beautiful forest here, and it is living proof that God is all around us. It is easy to feel grateful for this environment.”

Family: Teri is married to Randy, who is the residential director at the guys’ house at Shelterwood. They have been married for 25 years and they have two sons, Trevor and Braden. “Trevor is on the autism spectrum, so we know what it can be like to raise a child with challenges,” she says.

Outside work: She enjoys cooking, sewing and scrapbooking. Together with Randy, she enjoys road trips, dancing and being part of the Blue Springs community. “We like to enjoy the little things in life!” she smiles. Their son Braden is a sophomore in college at Northwest Missouri State University and is the proud “voice of the Bearcat Marching Band,” so the family also enjoys supporting the marching band.

Best part of her role at Shelterwood: “I am truly fortunate to work with some amazing people, and I like helping our staff,” Teri says. “I have been really welcomed into the Shelterwood community.”