Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program is a year-long journey which fosters dynamic growth through small group discussions, one-on-one mentoring, day-to-day living in community, and hands-on ministry with struggling teenagers. Over the course of the year you will learn to lead through service and this humility and sacrifice will impact the lives of teenagers in your care. When you consider the brevity of your life and the immensity of the world’s needs, doesn’t it compel you to do more? Sacrificing yourself and your wants for someone else is what scripture asks of us. Your faith will be put to test everyday as you work with the high-risk youth that live in our Shelterwood treatment facility. Co-laboring with therapists and teachers, you will impact their lives for Christ.

Serving others is one of the most effective ways to lead. At Shelterwood there is a team of staff that are also trying to model this Biblical command by serving you. So while you sacrifice your time and energy for the at-risk teens of Shelterwood, there are others that will come along side you and support you in your need. “A year to invest my life while at the same time being invested in. It was a year spent learning to follow Christ together. A pivotal year in my life.” Josh (2013).

God wants to draw closer to you and we believe that He meets people in a profound way on our campus. As we humble ourselves before Him and sacrifice our wants and desires, He makes Himself very real. The impact will happen in your life and in the lives of those you serve. Ward saw it as, “the spring board that launched [him] to a life of ministry.” Year after year students testify to the power of community and how God has worked through others to impact their lives. We want you to join us in this mission that will impact the lives of hurting teens and just might change you in the process.

Watch this VIDEO and see the impact of mentors