Mentor Struggling Teens

How we are different

IMG 4847 copy Mentor Struggling TeensMentor-ship at Shelterwood is more than a theoretical program or a short-term service project; it is a year-long journey with daily opportunities to work with struggling teens. The power of this community will at times be overwhelming and difficult, but through it you will discover who you are, what you believe, and how to care and love others. We are part of God’s family! God has called us to be connected, dependent, and related to one another. In gathering together, we find answers to the needs in our lives and the lives of those we care for.

quote 03 Mentor Struggling TeensThere are few places on earth where you can live in Christian community while also having daily opportunities to minister to those who are not in a position to give anything back to you. – Tom, Discipleship Student

We seek to nurture Godly character in you and develop your practical ministry skills so you are equipped for servant leadership in any context. Through study and hands-on service, this opportunity prepares you for placement in many different ministries including counseling, working with at-risk teens and families, missions, and student ministry.

After thirty-five years, we continue to be committed to helping people deepen their connection to Jesus.

Each participant will have an opportunity to connect with staff in an effort to synthesize their experience and apply life lessons. With only a small group of people on staff it offers students a unique sense of community. You live, work, play and minister in close proximity during the year with one another, opening the door for a depth of relationship unique in our world today. It is a true experience in “iron sharpening iron.” Through these intense relationships, you will discover more about yourself and Jesus than you ever thought possible.

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