Become a Mentor

Help Transform the Lives of Struggling Teens

Shelterwood Academy is a Christ-centered therapeutic boarding school for teens struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges.

To serve others is one of the greatest callings for those who follow Jesus.
We are seeking young men and women to join the Doulos Ministry by becoming a Shelterwood Mentor.

At Shelterwood, mentors play a vital position in the therapeutic treatment of our teens. Mentors model our relational approach to healing. They are young followers of Jesus who quite literally “do life” with our teens. This includes laying foundational work in relational development, cultivating spiritual growth, and assisting in the process of helping our teens reach their therapeutic goals. Our desire is not to merely create behavioral change, but to champion heart change through loving our teens the way Jesus does.

It’s both an adventure and a challenge to serve sacrificially! As a Shelterwood Mentor, you will GROW in your personal relationship with Jesus, be a part of a Biblical community, receive TRAINING and TESTING in people and life skills, and help to DEVELOP our faith and hope for our next generation!

This salaried position includes generous benefits, amazing living quarters and boarding.