Our Program

Shelterwood Academy is a Christ-centered therapeutic boarding school for teens struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges.
Treatment in our therapeutic boarding school is 9-12 months based on individual goals, optimizing growth and lasting heart change for teens.
Outcomes families see:

Teens developing new life skills, passions and plans for the future

Shelterwood offers opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom from our professional staff, from music, art and culinary classes to gardening, automotive, woodworking and carpentry.

Healthy, positive relationships with others, self and God

Teens discover a strong personal connection with Christian mentors and staff through fun community activities that promote lifelong meaning and fulfillment –mind, body, spirit.

Visible signs of growth and success

Heart change that leads to behavior change, healing and restoration. Proven improvement in academics, mental health, impulse control and decision making abilities.

Therapeutic Boarding School | Teen Rehab & Residential Treatment
Shelterwood’s therapeutic boarding school supports teens ages 13-18 with high emotional needs and behaviors as well as chronic, persistent mental health conditions including:
  • Anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD
  • Suicidal ideation or self-injurious behavior

  • Trauma-related & reactive attachment disorders

  • Substance abuse & other addictions

Treatment in our therapeutic boarding school is 9-12 months based on the goals of each individual, optimizing growth and lasting heart change for our teens.

Our teen residential treatment programs offer high-quality care and sustainable healing in a private Christ-centered residential community for teens who are facing various mental and behavioral health challenges. We provide teens with the skills and self-understanding that allows them to find their unique place in the world and hope for their future filled with purpose and meaning.

At our family-focused and results-oriented therapeutic boarding school, we are able to treat the underlying causes and conditions of destructive behaviors. It is from a foundation of compassion, love and faith that we offer a truly unparalleled level of individualized care for teens ages 13-18 and their families.