Shelterwood Academy is a Christ-centered therapeutic boarding school for teens struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral health challenges.
Brain Balance at Shelterwood

Shelterwood is the nation’s first inpatient residential treatment center to offer and facilitate the Brain Balance Program® on site. Cognitive training at our teen therapy camp for troubled youth strengthens and improves the areas of your teen’s brain involved with cognition, regulating mood and emotions, and overall well-being.

Brain Balance Achievement Center

​​Brain Balance Achievement Center is the leading drug-free program helping kids move beyond challenges to achieve greater success and lasting change.

Our teen therapy camp offers troubled youth programs that are designed to improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, sensory processing, academics and more. The behavior modification program takes an integrative approach to strengthening the brain and its connections through sensory engagement, physical development, academics and nutrition. Over the past decade, our comprehensive and effective teen therapy and troubled youth camp programs have helped thousands of individuals nationwide to improve the critical skills needed to create a brighter path for their future.