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Personalized and Professional Care

Our therapists are not alone in caring for your teen. They are part of an interdisciplinary team of Christian men and women delivering personalized 24/7 clinical and professional care. Our teachers, therapists, mentors, and direct care staff work together to ensure holistic care for every teen. Each student has strengths and challenges unique to them, and the interdisciplinary approach allows Shelterwood to take a 360 degree view of our kids on a regular basis.

Our Care Includes:

  • Licensed therapists¬†experienced in working with kids with a wide variety of behavioral and mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and trauma-related disorders
  • Certified addiction counselors with expertise in treating substance abuse, porn, technology and other addictions.
  • Licensed teachers at our accredited, on-campus High School offering coursework at a variety of academic levels, from remedial to advanced.
  • Mentors assigned to each teen to help foster healthy relationships and live out their heart change through around-the-clock care.
  • Brain Balance staff ready to take an interactive approach to strengthen each teen’s brain connectivity through sensory engagement, physical development, neuro-academic work, and nutritional guidance.

Share Your Challenge With Us

Let today mark a fresh start for your teen and your family.