Rebalance Intensive Assessment

Rebalance Intensive Assessment™

We know that sending your struggling teen to a residential treatment center is one of the hardest decisions your family may ever need to make. When your teen is struggling, all you want is real restoration. All you want is your child back. Our Rebalance Intensive Assessment™, the first phase of Shelterwood’s comprehensive treatment program, is the beginning of your journey towards restoration.

At Shelterwood Academy, every teen begins comprehensive treatment with our Rebalance Intensive Assessment™.

This first stage is designed to initiate the real transformation your teen needs. Our goal in the Rebalance Intensive is to help you determine what is best for your teen and your family.

So why the Rebalance Intensive Assessment™?

Rest + Safety + Space: The Rebalance Intensive Assessment™ creates a safe space for rest. This time is a respite for not only your teen, but for you as well. You may not realize how exhausted and stressed you are from worry and daily conflicts. Our team of experts takes on the conflict, offers a challenging, yet safe place for your teen to work out issues.

Answering Why: In the first 30 days of your teen’s stay, our team conducts in-depth assessments to identify the root of the struggle — both behavioral and neurological. We analyze actual brain function, strengths and weakness and how he or she processes information. Parents of Shelterwood students love how our assessment helps them understand their teen like never before.

Create an aggressive treatment plan: Your evaluation report at the end of the first 30 days will include a treatment or growth plan. Our interdisciplinary treatment team will develop strategic interventions based on your teen’s brain function for every aspect of our treatment process: therapy, education, family and peer relationships as well as daily living. This plan serves as your teen’s individualized roadmap for the Shelterwood journey.

Assess progress: You and your family will receive regular updates from your teen’s therapist. At the end of the Intensive Assessment™, your family will have a comprehensive review with the treatment team to assess your teen’s growth. 

Continue with your current therapist: At Shelterwood, we understand the importance of a good ally. Does your family already have a good relationship with a therapist in your community? If it is important that your therapist stay involved, then our team is willing to work with that counselor in order to maintain the existing positive relationship.

The Rebalance Intensive Assessment™ can be the catalyst for transformation that your teen needs.

So what’s next? After your teen’s initial assessment, restoration continues in Rebuild and Restore, our second and third phases of treatment. All three phases drive teens towards lasting heart change and real healing.

What about substance abuse treatment? Our 16-week, rigorous substance abuse treatment program combines educational, therapy and experiential elements to lay the foundation students need for a sober, healthy life. Students experience substance abuse treatment concurrently with the Rebalance, Rebuild and Restore phases, so they’re growing and healing holistically. If your child is wrestling with substance abuse, Shelterwood can lay groundwork for a life of joy and sobriety.

Let today mark a new season for your teen and your family. We’re here to help.