Restore: Phase Three of the Shelterwood Journey

Our team begins with the end in mind. From the beginning, our treatment team works with you and your teen to prepare an aftercare plan so you will have the support you need when your teen is ready to graduate and return home. Graduation marks a tremendous celebration, and there may be a honeymoon period — but there may also be a difficult time of transition.

Restore is our third and final phase. After identifying root issues and building a plan during Rebalance, and progressing through the therapeutic work in Rebuild, the Restore phase equips your teen for life back home. Restore is where students prepare for a successful and sustainable journey after Shelterwood.

Imagine a puzzle with the center piece missing. That piece represents your teen being removed from everything familiar and placed in Shelterwood’s care for a season. At Shelterwood, that puzzle piece is reshaped.  Back home, other puzzle pieces surround your teen and may also need to be reshaped: the friend group, social settings, tempting situations, school, recreational activities, church and faith, work ethic, purpose and direction, therapeutic support and more. All of these things reflect additional pieces of your teen’s world that need to be addressed so the newly-shaped puzzle piece has the best chance of success when he or she returns home.

For your teen to have a successful and sustainable re-entry, these shapes must be new and solid as well. That is why the aftercare plan is designed to help your teen during this difficult time of transition. Without this important work, the old shapes — the methods of thinking and relating and old patterns of behavior — will find their way back again. That is not what we want for your family!

To encourage you and keep you equipped for the journey, we also support you in a variety of ways post-graduation. Your teen will be invited to select mission trips and spiritual retreats, which are great refreshers for the work done at Shelterwood. We also hold periodic Family Intensive Retreats as refreshers for you as parents. Our Family Program also offers you important, ongoing topics to navigate the first year home.