Shelterwood, a non-profit, faith-based organization, is licensed as a Residential Child Care Facility through the Division of Family Services in Missouri. Located in Independence, MO, we are surrounded by two-hundred wooded acres of rolling hills and some very special amenities including a gymnasium and an outdoor swimming pool. We have an onsite school, dorms, private counseling offices, and outdoor sports courts.

But our program is much more than nice buildings and a set of therapeutic techniques.

Critical Ingredients to Effective Treatment

We desire, through a collaborative partnership, to open ourselves to your family in a deeply intentional way. These relationships are intended to be life-long and many of our students maintain connections with us into adulthood. We want to help family members bridge the gaps of disconnection, thereby enabling them to better understand themselves and one another.

A multi-faceted teen counseling and teen mentoring strategy, like Shelterwood, creates a dynamic atmosphere that wraps teens in love when they are at their worst. Students are matched with a personal therapist and develop an individualized growth plan that is reviewed weekly by the treatment team and updated accordingly. Core assignments will be designed to facilitate acceptance and understanding of the problem. Through intensive group therapy, we provide an excellent opportunity for teens to learn how to take responsibility for their choices, relationships, and futures. They are led to discover that they are not alone, that others struggle with similar issues, and that together they can learn to express feelings, gain additional insight and develop healthy coping skills.

We have always worked with great families that have the highest values and aspirations for their teens. In order to build on this tremendous foundation of parental support, we put high value on family therapy and provide two family retreat weekends every Spring and Fall. These four-day events are a great opportunity for families to have fun with their teen, meet other students, and have intensive seminars, group therapy, and family therapy.

Transforming the heart of a teen is a journey of choices – made one step at a time. At Shelterwood, we use a system of stages to provide a framework for identifying and measuring personal growth, modifying behavior, building character and improving attitude. Each teen works through five stages and is given reports that summarize progress. Parents, counselors, teachers and mentoring staff are all involved in this multi-disciplinary process of helping students assess and progress. While the length of stay is open ended and based on the student’s ability to make the necessary changes in their lives, most students will complete the program in seven to eleven months.IMG 8147 copy 300x200 Shelterwood

“Shelterwood is exceptional in its demonstration of

• Vision and Purpose
• Governance and Leadership
• Resources and Support Systems
• Stakeholder Communications and Relationships

               and in exhibiting practices not commonly found in other schools. Only a small percentage of schools have attained standards ratings at this level.”

AdvancED (formerly The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools)