Teens struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, mental health disorders, and learning disabilities often find it difficult to accept themselves, believe in themselves, and see their potential for the future. No matter how many times they’ve been told by family and friends how important they are, they can’t seem to “feel it” or understand their value.

That’s why Shelterwood gives teens dealing with mental health every opportunity possible to reconnect with their thoughts, emotions, gifts, dreams, talents, and interests — free of distractions, surrounded by nature — in a safe, supportive community designed to help them heal, learn, and grow.

One of our students recently wrote a song about his experiences at Shelterwood and performed it at our May Coffee House. Not only did he bring everyone to their feet, but his heartfelt lyrics and prose brought tears to the eyes of the Mentors and other Staff.

Following is an article he wrote for the Shelterwood School Newspaper which explained the inspiration for his words. We are so proud and amazed by his profound depth, perspective, creativity, and talent.

Teens at Shelterwood benefit from the tools, time, space, and encouragement to rediscover themselves physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They mean the world to every person who works here and inspire us every day!