Students Serve Students serve for the eighth straight Thanksgiving.  This years Serve Project was a huge success! Here in the Ozarks and down at the Gulf Coast, the teams worked so hard! I am so proud of the whole Shelterwood team and all that was accomplished last week. These “service trips” are all about reaching out and loving people.

We divided everyone on campus into three work crews. The teams served on three projects: the “food basket team” delivered food baskets to 50 families that wouldn’t have had a meal otherwise. The “raking team” raked and cleaned yards for elderly. The “building crew” helped get a new church ready for construction. We rotated the crews each day, so everyone got to experience each project. Everyone did a great job!

A fourth crew of 15 spent the week cleaning up debris from Katrina and cutting down trees that might do damage in the next hurricane. We Students Servestayed at the Retreat center in Kiln, Mississippi, helping clean up debris there. We also sent a crew into New Orleans and cut down damaged trees.  Part of the team stayed at the home of Skip and Barbara in New Orleans. We painted their house and helped clean their yard, damaged by Katrina.

Whether a “Service trip” in New Orleans, Africa, or right here, it’s been a great “classroom” to make us all a little uncomfortable, get our eyes off ourselves and serve the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers and to those who gave financially, thanks for making this trip possible.