Summer can be a great time for positive change in the life of a teenager. Under the right circumstances, and given the right combination of positive experiences, we have seen many young people take great steps forward. However, without organized, positive activities, and the framework of the school year, the summer months can often be a vulnerable time for teens.

That is why we at Shelterwood have designed a special summer program for teens who might be struggling at home, or struggling with poor choices during the summer months.

We work to provide a safe and structured summer for teens, combining activity, adventure, therapeutic intervention and stimulating education. Students leave Shelterwood’s program renewed and restored — and ready for their best year yet.

Limited spots are available. Teens can start as early as June 1. Contact our admissions team today to start the application process.

Academic Recovery

Students can earn nearly a semester’s worth of class credit during the summer in our award-winning boarding school. Teens who are academically behind can catch up and get back on track — and advanced students can retake classes to bolster their GPA. Time at Shelterwood Academy means they’re ready to re-enter school with confidence.

Shelterwood Mentor


Because no two teens are the same, our licensed therapists work with an interdisciplinary team to create an individualized program for each student at Shelterwood. Students engage in individual therapy with a personal therapist, plus group therapy and family therapy. Our clinical team is trained in a variety of modalities that include CBT, Art therapy, Sand Tray therapy, Play therapy, Attachment, Substance Abuse and Addiction, and Family systems. To maximize impact, all activities at Shelterwood are designed to be therapeutically strategic. We use recreation, adventure, art, gardening, music and performing arts to help students uncover issues, build relationships and provide clarity for moving forward in life.

Is your teen struggling with substance abuse? Our rigorous substance abuse treatment program combines educational, therapy and experiential elements to lay the foundation students need for a sober, healthy life.

Students experience substance abuse treatment concurrently with the summer program, so they’re growing and healing holistically.

If your child is wrestling with substance abuse, Shelterwood can lay groundwork for a life of joy and sobriety.

Archery Practice.


At Shelterwood, our service opportunities help teens move beyond lack of empathy. Teens serve in a variety of environments, from food banks to nonprofit thrift stores, shelters and even the Christmas tree farm near our property. They learn to give back, grow as leaders and make a difference in the lives of others.

Personal Growth

Summer at Shelterwood is full of adventure. Teens try new things and build confidence — from music and art classes  to gardening and fly fishing and everything in between. Students uncover giftedness they didn’t know they had, or have their strengths reaffirmed. For struggling teens, Shelterwood is a place where they can learn to laugh again, to engage again and to connect with peers in a way that’s healthy and fun.

A Foundation of Faith

During Summer at Shelterwood, the stage is set for heart transformation. From inspirational chapel services to optional spiritual retreats, our faith-based approach gives students opportunities to grow. Our young adult mentors offer life-on-life discipleship. Teens learn that they are important, they are valued and they are loved by Christ.

Summer at Shelterwood is a place where struggling teens can find real hope and real restoration. Students get the best in therapeutic counseling and boarding school excellence — all in a residential community of people committed to their growth. Let this summer be a fresh start for your teen and for your family. Limited spots are available, and teens can start as early as June 1. Contact our admissions team today to enroll your child.