Opening a New Lodge

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On October 10, 2015, we celebrated the dedication of a new lodge in memory of our founder, Richard Beach. Over two hundred guests representing thirty-four years of Shelterwood service came to usher in the beginning of a new era of care.

Located in Independence, Missouri on over two hundred acres, our property had plenty of room for a new building. The design of the Beach Lodge embraces so much of what Richard loved: excellent care, community, and a family setting. What a great way to honor our founder and his vision!

The Beach Lodge was designed as a compliment to our existing residential lodges. Our executive team wanted to create a space that was more intimate, particularly for incoming students and those with specific issues. We have been very successful with students who have neurobehavioral issues and wanted to create a more strategic environment within which they could flourish. After consulting with the Calo Program and the State of Missouri, our team designed a state of the art building that accommodates thirty-two students.

IMG 7965 copy 300x200 Opening a New LodgeThe building is designed with two wings made up of two units on each side. Each unit accommodates up to eight students for a total of sixteen on a wing. The girls’ side opens up to a large patio area and overlooks a beautiful tiered raised garden bed where the girls participate in a gardening program. The boys’ side is designed exactly as the girls, but opens up to their own patio area and a new soccer field for sports events.

Each of the units is self-contained with specially designed bathrooms, showers, locked cubbies, a family sitting and dining area, therapists’ offices as well as two sensory rooms. Creating an “open” unit for better supervision while providing students a sense of their own space is no small task! Four “open” rooms with two students sharing a room enable students to engage in community more quickly, have less stimulation and better supervision.

As you walk into the main entrance of the building, you immediately feel the warmth and hospitality of our Family Welcome center. This large room is used for a variety of events during family weekends as well as special retreats and gatherings.

Staff tell us they love working in this setting, and our students have settled in well. Our dedication of the Beach Lodge was a very special event. We know Richard would be proud! Shelterwood will be hosting a variety of tours and conferences in 2016. Come and visit!

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New Lodge

Our new lodge, The Richard Beach Lodge, is open !!!

%name New LodgeShelterwood has expanded!  Our new lodge, The Richard Beach Lodge, is complete.  It is a cutting edge facility which offers an intimate space, fostering a family living environment.  The Beach Lodge enables us to offer students individualized attention in a less stimulating environment.

As you walk in the front door you will enter the Family Welcome Center.  The welcome center is a beautiful gathering place that includes a hospitality kitchen and the House Directors’ Office.  In addition to providing a warm welcome for new families, this area creates a perfect environment to host  family groups and workshops.

The building is designed in the shape of an H and each wing is made up of two units which house 8 students per unit, or a total of 16 students per side.  The “open” interior is designed to create a family environment with a cozy sitting and dining area in the middle of four bedrooms.  Everything students need individually is accommodated: washer and dyers, private bathrooms, and personal space for studying.  A therapist’s office is in each unit along with a ‘Time In room for students who need alone time.   Time In rooms will have comfy chairs our students can snuggle into, as well as essential oils and other creative calming options. We have also purchased some fantastic furniture which work together through the use of color and design to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our young men’s wing overlooks the new soccer field, benches and picnic tables with ample space for other sports activities.  Our young ladies will enjoy a beautiful outdoor area with Amish swings and benches overlooking their own raised bed vegetable and flower garden.

We are really excited about this new lodge.  Come take a look.  We would love to tour you through this amazing facility and introduce you to some of our students. And it should be noted that this whole building was the result of the generous donations of alumni and friends.  Wow !!  Families will benefit for years to come and not one penny of your tuition will be directed toward this building.  What a fantastic savings.  This allows us to continue to offer a top notch staff and a better than one to one ratio of staff to students.