Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week

%name Teacher AppreciationThis week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Here at Shelterwood, we are so very thankful for our Teachers! As I think back on the many teachers I’ve had in my life, I am so very aware of how they have shaped me. Through their encouragement, patience, and passion, I have understood that education is a very shaping experience and goes beyond the walls of a classroom.

Here at Shelterwood, we are thankful for our Teachers who constantly go above and beyond. Our Teachers take extra time before and after school to offer extra tutoring and support. They are deeply involved in campus life and often join in on equine therapy, flag-football leagues, fly fishing club, basketball pick up games, wilderness trips to Canada, local fundraising efforts, and much more. Shelterwood Teachers are eager to share at student’s graduations and are often praised in graduation speeches as pivotal in a student’s time here.

Thank you to all of our teachers who work on individual plans for students, patiently explain HS grad 1 copy 300x200 Teacher Appreciationmaterial, and rejoice over the success of our students. I am continually impressed by their investment, not only educationally, but also individually in each of our students’ lives. To all our teachers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have planted seeds that are so obviously being sown in the minds of countless Shelterwood students. You are appreciated!

Horses guide therapy sessions

DSC 0001 copy 300x199 Horses guide therapy sessionsHorse therapy is a critical component in any top-notch therapeutic boarding school.

Horses have been used for many things over the years like robbing banks, delivering the mail, pulling plows, and even jumping in efforts to win Olympic medals, but did you know that now they are being used as teachers in therapeutic schools?

Horses actually teach class and guide therapy sessions at our school.  Believe it or not, horses are very expressive and are able to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

Surprisingly, relationships with people and horses are very similar, allowing teens to talk to the horse like they might communicate with another person.  But unlike people, horses cannot be controlled or manipulated and therefore provide real unbiased feedback to the teen.  But don’t worry; the teens rarely get kicked.

In fact, our horses are quite gentle when providing an immediate response.  Yet, they are able to highlight the short-comings in one’s communication style with the firmness that only a thousand pound beast might.

The instructors are watching this interaction to help the teen uncover patterns of communication. With time, the partnership that is built between the horse and a student is potent and enables a student to work out some very personal issues. And so the horse arena becomes a counseling arena as teens battle to gain their voice while revealing themselves for the first time.  It is a magical experience that awakens self-understanding even among the most oppositional of students.

Our primary goal is not technical riding or horsemanship tasks or even to foster a love for horses, but rather to provide an opportunity for teens to learn about themselves and how they communicate. Partnering students with horses has become a fantastic tool at Shelterwood through which teens can express themselves. Who knew that the best teacher your son or daughter might have is standing in the pasture eating grass?

Stay tuned to subsequent blogs where we discuss other special therapies including, our low ropes course, recreation therapy, sand tray, art, and music – all of which are being used by Shelterwood to help teens uncover the motivations that maintain feelings of depression, anger, and anxiety.

If you are interested in Horse Therapy give us a call to learn more.  (800) 584 5005