How parents stay involved at Shelterwood

At Shelterwood, we know that the decision to place a teen in a residential treatment agency is a difficult and life-defining one . . . but it is a decision that is caring and courageous. Ultimately, our goal is family restoration, and parent involvement is critical every step of the way. During a teen’s time at Shelterwood, parents are continuously engaged.

Every teen begins at Shelterwood in our Rebalance 120-Day Intensive. Designed to initiate the real transformation your teen needs, our goal during this phase is to help parents determine what is best for their teen and their family. The only way to know the answer is to begin — and parents are engaged continuously. During a teen’s first 30 days, the Shelterwood team conducts in-depth assessments to pinpoint the root of the struggle, from behavioral to neurological factors. We analyze brain function, strengths and weakness and how he or she processes information. Shelterwood parents love how our assessment helps them understand their teen like never before.

From the start, Shelterwood parents have access to our Parent Portal. This online hub is a key resource in family communication, with a wide variety of features built to move families forward in the treatment process and prepare for a smooth transition back home. The user-friendly portal includes a team blog, parent resource library, messaging system, photo album, calendar, therapeutic and academic reports and more. Combined, these resources make certain that parents stay up-to-date on their teen’s progress.

Twice a year, Shelterwood sponsors parent weekends. These weekends are opportunities for one-on-one connection here on the Shelterwood campus. Designed for family restoration, these weekends are moments of transformation and encouragement for both parents and teens. Parents tell us that getting to really know the staff who care for their teen is a highlight of the weekend. Moms and dads are engaged in many activities, such as seminars, small group meetings and family counseling. We also have meetings with the teaching staff from our school, testimony from Shelterwood grads and parents, meals with staff, meals together with teens and a wonderful closing chapel service. In addition to these special weekends, parents are also given the opportunity to visit their teen on and off campus throughout the school year in accordance with the student’s individual treatment plan.

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Communication is key at Shelterwood. Shelterwood therapists provide parents with weekly updates on their teen’s progress in therapy, as well as interdisciplinary reports from the treatment team. Additionally, we extend an invitation for parents to attend quarterly meetings with the various department heads to determine general satisfaction and resolve any issues or concerns that might be emerging.

Our efforts at Shelterwood always drive towards a smooth transition back home, and that is why we make sure that parents are deeply involved in the development of their teen’s aftercare plan. To encourage parents and keep them equipped for the journey, we also offer support in a variety of ways post-graduation. Teens are invited back to select mission trips and spiritual retreats, which are great refreshers for the work done at Shelterwood. We also hold periodic Family Intensive Retreats as refreshers for you as parents. Our Family Program also offers you important, ongoing topics to navigate the first year home.

All of these components combine for strong parent involvement throughout a teen’s time at Shelterwood. Together, we experience the transformation of a lifetime for students and families.

Parent Weekends at Shelterwood

Shelterwood Parent Weekends are an integral part of our treatment strategy. We host these very special events once in the spring and once in the fall. Designed for family restoration, we love witnessing transformation and encouragement on both sides: for the parents and teens.

Parent Weekends are planned with the intent to move the entire family forward along the treatment process, with the goal to see an increase of faith, hope and love in the hearts and minds of these families. These weekends are opportunities for families to grow in hope for healing and family reconciliation, as well as in love and appreciation for one another. Every weekend includes plenty of space and time for encouragement and training for moms and dads.

parents weekend 1 Parent Weekends at Shelterwood

Placing a teen in residential treatment is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make, but it’s a decision that is courageous and loving. These weekends offer a chance to connect with fellow parents, discovering that no one is alone on this journey.  

Parents consistently tell us that meeting the staff who care for their teen is a highlight of the weekend. At Shelterwood, we’ve worked hard to create a place of individualized care with a low staff-to-student ratio. Every teen is educated, counseled and discipled by a full team of experts and moms and dads love meeting this team during Parent Weekends.

Moms and dads are engaged in many activities, like seminars, small groups meetings for parents and family counseling sessions. We also have meetings with the teaching staff from our high school, a testimony from a Shelterwood graduate and their parents, meals together with staff and meals together with their teens and a wonderful closing chapel service ending with an open mic and video montage.   

Our entire staff of 90 works together to make these weekends special. And a strong team of Shelterwood alumni parents cover the event in prayer! We see God at work in remarkable ways on these weekends. We’re already looking forward to our next weekend for parents of teen guys at the end of April.