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Casey Kapple

Director of Spiritual Formation

As an accomplished youth and family pastor, Casey Kapple has worked with teenagers and helped strengthen families for over two decades in the Kansas City area.  He is passionate about creating environments for life transformation and restoring broken relationships.  He is a next-generation visionary for effective leadership and spiritual formation.  Bridging the gap between the sacred and secular, he helped create a program for social entrepreneurship ventures with teens at Youthfront called imagineX.

Casey’s connection to Shelterwood began when he was young.  Shelterwood’s founder, Richard Beach was instrumental in getting him to Kanakuk camp on scholarship to experience faith, hope, and love in Jesus during a family crisis.  Years later, Casey served in the summer staff program Richard started at Colonial Presbyterian Church.  He is grateful to Christ for the ministry of Richard Beach and the opportunity to serve with this amazing community of people to further the vision of Shelterwood.  

Casey loves celebrating life with his wife Jill and their four children: Jack, Beatrice, Winifred, and Genevieve. As long as it is with people, he likes to hunt, fish, camp, hike, snowboard, kayak, play frisbee sports and pickleball, listen to roots rock, tell stories, go on any adventure, and enjoy any combo of good coffee/food/theology/books with friends.  Personality typology classifies Casey as an enneagram 7 (enthusiast) with an 8 (challenger) wing.  He holds a BA in Organizational Leadership from MidAmerican Nazarene University.  Casey is an ordained minister and graduated from Heartland Community Church’s seminary program.  A quote he loves to live by is, “the glory of God is man, fully alive.” – Irenaeus