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Photo of Josh Spangler.

Josh Spangler

Program Director

Josh graduated with a counseling and psychology degree from Toccoa Falls College, a Christian liberal arts school in the foothills of the Appalachians in northeast Georgia. In his senior year, Josh interned at a therapeutic boarding school similar to Shelterwood and fell in love with working with teens in this type of environment. So much so, that when the opportunity arose for him to move halfway across the country to work at Shelterwood, he jumped at the chance. After a year of being a mentor at Shelterwood, Josh was offered a job as the sensory-motor coach for Brain Balance. Over a period of two years, he worked up to be the lead sensory-motor coach at the Brain Balance Center in Overland Park. After a year off from Brain Balance, he came back in December of 2017 to join the Brain Balance team at Shelterwood as a program director.