Testimonial shared by Rebecca Bolich, Director of Brain Balance:

At Shelterwood Academy, we are honored and blessed to be a part of our teens’ and parents’ lives and journeys through heart change to hope and restoration. Nothing gives us greater purpose and joy than receiving updates from our families, hearing all the ways our students are using their Shelterwood skills each day to improve their outcomes for the future.

Following is an email two of our staff members received from a parent of a former Shelterwood student and graduate. This mom had referred another family to Shelterwood, whose son recently moved in. The two moms spoke afterward about their experiences with their child’s intake teams and counselors. It prompted the former parent to reach out to say “hello” and share an update on her son. What a gift to be able to share this and help provide hope and healing to other parents in the community!   


Hi, Julie and Rebecca!

Our son joined a recovery group in June and has been sober for about 4 months. It’s a friend group he really needed. He has a great sponsor who is 25 years old and about to graduate with an economics degree from a local university, so I secretly hope he will inspire him to go to college, too. 

Our son is busy and independent. Since he finished the program and got a job, he has not asked us for a dime and loves his independence. He is happy and settled and honest and vulnerable — and we are feeling very stable in our lives right now. We’re not carrying the weight and burden of worrying about him any more than the other kids. And we know if he relapses or struggles we have tons of tools and support. We’re in a really good place 🙂

I just wanted to give you an update and say thank you again for your investment in him at Shelterwood. I’m so glad to be able to tell other people about Shelterwood and help other moms find the benefits of SW too.  I told the new Shelterwood mom what a godsend you were to us. That connection you were able to have with our son was gold! 

Anyway, I was just feeling grateful for you both after talking with that parent last night. I wish you well! Take care!