Helping Troubled Teens: Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys

Are you concerned about your teenage boy’s academic, social, and emotional development? If so, you should know that you’re not alone. Parents across the country struggle with raising troubled teens, but the good news is that there are plenty of resources available that can help.

Sometimes, behavioral concerns can be addressed at home with the help of school guidance counselors, independent therapists, and the church. Unfortunately, though, interventions on a single-level or infrequent basis don’t always help. That’s where therapeutic boarding schools for boys come in.

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools for boys are live-in educational institutions that also provide on-site therapy and supervision for teens struggling to control behavioral issues, substance abuse, and mental health disorders. The warm and caring but highly-structured environment offers wayward boys the chance to turn their lives around with the help of instructors, mentors, counselors, and their peers.

What to Expect From a Christian Boarding School for Boys

Christian therapeutic boarding schools focus on helping children achieve not just academic but also social and spiritual excellence. The students all stay together in dormitories overseen by trained and dedicated adult mentors and spend their days engaging in classroom learning, independent therapy, group meetings, and a range of fun activities designed to create an enjoyable experience and foster personal growth.

The students at Christian boarding schools for boys are a diverse group but what they all have in common is that they need extra help to overcome underlying problems that can’t be managed successfully at home. As students progress through these schools’ academic and therapeutic programs, they learn invaluable lessons, get back in touch with their spirituality, and become important resources for the next generation of residents.

Some parents assume that Christian boarding schools always rely exclusively on strict discipline to manage students’ problematic behaviors. Thankfully, that’s not the case for many schools today. Programs like the one at Shelterwood Academy help students turn their lives around by creating a warm, welcoming environment and offering personalized treatment options and skills training to help troubled teens strengthen their mental, physical, and spiritual health, and overall well-being.

Signs a Teen Could Benefit From a Therapeutic Boarding School

There are few things more devastating to a parent than having to watch a child suffer. Unfortunately, the resources available in your local community may not be enough to pull a wayward boy out of his downward spiral so that he can start the journey back upwards toward future growth and success.

The teenage years are difficult for almost every child, but there are some warning signs parents should look out for that indicate it may be time to consider more comprehensive solutions than counseling and therapy. Start looking into a therapeutic boarding school for boys if your teen is exhibiting the behaviors below, which can all be signs of developing mood, behavioral, and/or mental health conditions.

Self-Destructive Impulses

Self-destructive impulses can take many forms. Some boys engage in outright self-mutilation, while others turn to drugs and alcohol or threaten suicide. Regardless of how your teen’s self-destructive impulses are expressing themselves in the home, you should take action immediately before the downward spiral gets any worse. Sending your child to a therapeutic boarding school will give him the resources he needs to deal with emotions in healthier ways.

Explosive Anger

Everyone gets angry once in a while, and teenagers are still learning how to manage complex emotions. That said, it’s not normal for teenage boys to respond to typical questions or requests with explosive anger. Anger problems can place everyone in the family at risk and create a situation where no one feels welcome in the home. Attending a therapeutic boarding school will teach boys with anger problems the tools they need to express themselves without creating fear and stress in others.

Blatant Disrespect

If your teen treats people, pets, or belongings with blatant disrespect, the situation can quickly spiral out of control. While the occasional heated disagreement with an otherwise amicable teen is nothing to worry about, patterns of behavior that involve speaking disrespectfully to elders, hurting pets, or stealing and damaging valued items indicate a more serious problem.

Falling in With a Bad Crowd

Teens who are already struggling to maintain cognitive and emotional balance are more prone to falling in with a bad crowd. You might notice changes in behavior, dress, speech, and attitude. They’re not coming out of thin air. The chances are good that your boy has fallen in with a peer group that leads a lifestyle counter to your child’s best interests and your family’s beliefs. Remember that your child is not a bad person. He has simply lost his way.

How a Therapeutic Boarding School Can Help

Parents are sometimes hesitant to send their troubled teens to boarding school, believing that they should be able to control the situation at home. For boys who are seriously struggling and placing themselves or their families at risk, home-based treatment programs may no longer be an option, though. Sending your wayward teen to a therapeutic boarding school is the best way to help him regain his self-confidence, restore his faith, and find his way in the world.

Therapeutic boarding schools offer more than just classroom instruction. At Shelterwood, your teen will also have access to trained mentors, individual and group counseling, Brain Balance® coaching, and a wealth of extracurricular activities designed to build confidence, regulate moods, and teach children the skills required to manage emotions, navigate complex social situations, and find academic success.

Is It Time to Make a Change?

If you’re ready to help your troubled teen get back on track and regain control over your family life, we’re here to help. At Shelterwood, we offer small classes, individualized attention, and the structure required to help teens learn and grow, all in a warm, welcoming, and spiritual environment with Brain Balance programming on site. Plus, your teen will have plenty of opportunities for fun. Our former students often refer to their time at Shelterwood as being the opportunity of a lifetime. Reach out today to learn more about our transformational experience.